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Chicken Rice Bento

Lunch box


This was one of the lunch which I brought to work. I cooked rice with the Hainanese chicken rice paste, then added luncheon meat, sunny side up and veggies to it. This was prepared the night before and steamed using my electric lunch box at work the next day. Notice that I don’t pre-cook my veggies because I am steaming them the next day. Anyway, it was so fragrant that my colleagues were drooling over it. =)

Who says chicken rice must come with chicken? Luncheon meat (Spam) tastes even better!

Japanese Bento Takeaway



I went to the Isetan supermarket in Westgate to get takeaway bento for lunch on weekend. I was so hungry after my 3 hours spa at Theresa Spa, so every bento in the supermarket looks extremely tempting. Finally I chose the Ebi Bento.

For only $8.80, I get 4 ebi fry, 2 pieces of teriyaki chicken, chicken mayo,  corn salad, 2 slices of tamago with crab stick and a heap of rice~ It’s so worth it! I didn’t even have to wait. All I did was just grab the bento, pay at the counter and it’s ready to eat~ There’s also a pack of katsu sauce for the ebi fry.
Next time I shall try other variety of bento~~

Home Cooked Lunch

bento lunch

I brought lunch to work again. This time, I have sauteed mushroom in olive oil and Italian herbs, steamed chicken and blanched french beans. I have plain oat to go with it.