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Guo Da Li

I have not been blogging for the past few weeks because I was overwhelmed with work and tons of reports to write. December is usually the slack month, but this year, there’s so much work to do. Brides-to-be usually use the last 1 month before the wedding to prepare, take good care of their health and skin. But for me, I am plagued with stress induced weight gain, ever growing dark eye circles, and sinus problem.

Anyway, Pakcik and I still managed to get the necessary things done and we had our Guo Da Li (Betrothal) on Xmas eve. My mum checked the lunar calendar and said that it’s auspicious to Guo Da Li on that day between 9-11am, hence we obeyed.

Guo Da Li

These are the stuff which Pakcik brought over to my house on that day. The items which my mum requested are the simplified version of the traditional Hokkien Guo Da Li (for practical reason).

What she requested:

1) 1 pair of dragon candles and 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light on the actual wedding day)
2) 2 bottles of liquor
3) 12 Oranges
4) 12 cans of pig trotter (to replace the traditional raw pig trotter)
5) 12 boxes of wedding cakes (for distribution to relatives)
6) 2 packets of Bai He (dried Lily bulb – to symbolize 百年好合)
7) 1 pair of dragon and phoenix bangles
8) Pin Jing (Red Packet – the amount usually ends with a 8, e.g. $1888, $2888 etc. )

For the wedding cakes, I chose the swiss rolls from Rich and Good Cake Shop. I told my mum that we are not getting the traditional wedding cake/pastry because of practical reason. We believed that people don’t really like to eat the traditional cake/pastry, so we rather get the stuff that people will appreciate instead of throwing them into the bin after receiving.
Result: Relatives and friends love the swiss rolls and ate all of them immediately.

Pakcik ordered the swiss rolls 2 weeks in advance because we know that the Rich and Good Cake Shop is very popular and the aunties there are very busy. The staff even paste the double happiness stickers on each box (foc) and even gave Pakcik a discount. Pakcik said that the aunties were very friendly when he placed the orders, unlike the online reviews saying that they were rude. I think customers must understand that they are running a small business and they may get too busy to entertain fickle-minded customers or customers who delay their sales process.
P.S. I love the durian and kaya flavor!

dragon phoenix bangle

For the pair of dragon and phoenix bangles, we got it from Harlyn Gems & Jewellery in Jurong Point. They had a promotion which waived the workmanship fees. Hence, Pakcik only paid for the current retail price of 24K gold and 7% GST.

Guo Da Li 1

These are my dowry set (嫁妆/回礼), simplified version. The items are:

1) Prosperity Descendant Pail Set consisting of Baby bath tub, wash basin, potty, mug, and tray (to symbolize fertility)
2) Wedding Ceremony Tea Set
3) Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set
4) A pair of wedding lamps
5) Needle Box Set
6) Auspicious Ruler
7) Lace Red Fan
8) A pair of toothbrush
9) A pair of slippers
10) Bed sheets (I bought 2 because I am kiasu)
11) 2 bottles of Orange Soft drinks

What my mum returned to the groom-to-be from the Betrothal gifts:

1) 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light at groom’s house on wedding day)
2) 2 pairs of oranges
3) 4 cans of pig trotter
4) Red dates
5) 4 cakes
6) Red Packet (Bride’s parents cannot take all the Pin Jing so that they are not seen as greedy or selling their daughter)

After the gift exchange, we have completed the Guo Da Li ceremony.
Most of the wedding items are bought from Big Day Wedding & Gifts in Johor Bahru because the price is much cheaper.

So, 18 more days to the wedding. Am I excited? Am I nervous? Am I stressed?
Like duh!


My Wedding Plan – Stage 11

It’s exactly 50 days before the Big Day! I am panicking!! Although majority of the stuff have been settled and planned, there are still many logistics to be finalised. Subconsciously I am very stressed over it. I have been having nightmares of failed wedding banquet, bridezilla outrage during wedding ceremony, etc. Plus, I have been stress eating a lot, which explains why I am getting fatter by the day. And the thought of me gaining mass makes me more stress… And the vicious cycle goes on…

So now, I am back to my To-Do-List.

1) Finalise the actual day itinerary.
2) Organise a bridesmaids meeting
3) Send photos for childhood montage
4) Send out invitation cards
5) Delegate actual day logistics
6) Print wedding photo canvas
7) Order buffet for lunch
8) Find wedding songs
9) Print casual wedding photo album
10) Decide photo booth decor
11) Decide photo reception table decor
12) Miscellaneous

For the actual day itinerary, I have drafted out the followings:

Actual Day Morning Session
1 Bride wake up 4.00am
2 Bride take light breakfast 4.30am
3 Arrival of make-up artist at bride’s place 5.00am
4 Groom wake up 6.00am
5 Groom take light breakfast 6.30am
6 Arrival of all brothers and sisters, at house respectively
(Sis ready by 6.30am)
7 Groom give out ribbon for all drivers 6.45am
8 Final briefing to brothers/sister (by Groom & bride respectively) 7.00am
9 Groom leave house to Bride’s house
(Groom to take Hand Flower and put on 1 corsage)
10 Arrival of videographer & photographer at Bride’s house 7.00am
11 Bride give make-up artist a red packet 7.10am
12 bro call parents-in-law that we are moving off 7.10am
13 Groom reach Bride’s house 7.20am
14 Boy opens door for Groom 7.25am
15 Groom gives red packet to boy 7.25am
16 Groom’s gatecrash 7.30am
17 Groom enters room to Bride
– Groom gives hand flower to Bride
– Groom uncover veil of Bride and kiss her
– Photo taking
18 Gathers all bros & jiemeis, ready to move off 8.30am
19 Bride to remember to throw the Fan from car 8.35am
20 Outdoor Photoshoot 9.00am
21 Bride & Groom proceed to Groom’s house 09.50am
22 Bro call Groom’s mum to inform her that we are moving off to her venue 09.50am
23 Bride & Groom reach Groom’s house 10.10am
24 Someone opens door for Bride 10.10am
25 Bride gives red packet to the Someone 10.10am
26 Tea ceremony at Groom’s house 10.20am
27 Photo-taking at Groom’s house 10.45am
28 Groom & Bride eat wedding item 10.50am
29 Bride change to Qua dress 10.55am
30 Gathers all bros & jiemeis, ready to move off 11.10am
31 Bro to call parents-in-law that we are going over 11.10am
32 Bride & Groom reach parents-in-laws’ house 11.30am
33 Tea Ceremony at Bride’s house – 1 sis to coordinate 11.30am
34 Lunch at Bride’s house 11-1pm
35 Groom & Bride eat wedding item 12pm
36 Videographer and photographer leaves to edit video 12pm
37 All bros & jiemeis free to go home to rest and change. Deluxe room available for jiemeis 1pm
38 Call hotel the estimated arrival time (call 30 mins in advanced) 1pm
39 Load all logistics to car 1 1.15pm
40 Proceed to Hotel, MBS 1.30pm
41 Check-in Bridal Suite 2pm
42 Rest for all 2-4.30pm
Actual Day Evening Session (4.30pm)
1 Arrival of Make-up artist at MBS Changing Room 3.30pm
2 Bros & Jiemeis arrive in MBS 4.30pm
3 Check set up of Solemnization Tables and Chairs 4.30pm
4 Play through all videos and photos 4.30pm
5 Label the VIP table 4.30pm
6 Setup guest list and ang bao boxes 4.30pm
7 Photo Table set up 4.30pm
8 Final check through of all tables and wedding favours 4.30pm
9 Check photo booth balloons 4.30pm
10 Check wedding bands and flowers 5.00pm
11 Check all Solemnization Paperworks 5.00pm
12 Discussion with Banquet Manager 5.00pm
13 Rehearsal starts for Banquet Manager, Emcees 5.00pm
14 Final Briefing to all brothers and sisters on their roles
– Brief on activation of poppers
– ToDo List
15 Arrival of videographer and photographer 5.30pm
16 Arrival of JP 5.30pm
17 Solemnization 6.00pm
18 Photo taking 6.20pm
19 Ensure champagne is ready 6.30pm
20 Ensure cake knife is present 6.30pm
21 Ensure correct number of banquet tables 6.30pm
22 Check through morning gate crash video 6.30pm
23 Refer to Banquet Proceedings 6.30pm
24 Start of Photo Booth 6.30pm
25 Arrival of Emcee 6.30pm
26 Arrival of Guests 7pm
27 Reception 7pm
28 Bride & Groom arrive at Reception 7pm
29 Banquet starts 7.45-8pm
30 Videographer and photographer leaves 11.00pm

There might be changes to the itinerary, but for now, I think it looks fine. Hopefully, there won’t be too much delays on the actual day.

My Wedding Plan – Stage 10

Went to Bridal Zone on Saturday for trial make-up, kua, Pakcik’s suits, selection of bridal bouquet, maid-of-honor’s dress, bridal car ribbon and flower.

My make-up artist is Jennifer. I chose her because I browsed through the wedding albums and I like her Korean style make-up. During the trial make-up session, Jennifer was very friendly and professional. (BTW, she is very pretty~) She asked if I have any preference before working on my face. Personally, I prefer the more natural look for the morning, and maybe a little more drama for the evening.

Swiftly, she put on layers after layers of different make-ups on my face. When she put on the nude lipstick for me, I fell in love with the color! It’s so hard to find a nude color that suits my skin color. Jennifer shared the brand of the lipstick with me without hesitation. After half an hour, she was done with the make-up (without ampoule and fake lashes). That’s so fast!

photo 2

I didn’t take photo in the studio because I was busy trying on the Kua. So this picture was taken 5 hours later at home (post hawker visit, groceries shopping etc). Even though there were so many layers of make-ups, it felt light and my face was neither greasy nor sticky. I love the Korean eyebrows the best! It suits my face perfectly! Love it so much that I refused to wash my face till late night.
I have to put on my plano Princess Mimi contact lens to make my eyes look bigger and brighter.

Oh ya, Jennifer put on the double eyelid stickers for me even though I have very deep double eyelids. I think it helps to make my eyes look less droopy.

After the make-up session. Jennifer discussed with me the timing and logistics for the actual day make-up. So basically, she will need 2 hours to do my hair and face for both morning and evening. I am so glad that I chose Jennifer because she is such a good makeup artist and she knows what suits my face.

For the kua, I tried on a few and finally found the one that suits my height. There is no alteration for Kuas.



That’s the Kua that fits me. Thanks to my short arms, the sleeves are a bit long. But it’s ok, it will be just right when I bend my arms. I was wearing the wedges in the bridal studio to see if the length of the skirt is ok.
Can’t wait to wear my piggy pendant with the Kua!!

For maid of honor’s dress, Cousin chose a gold tube bandage dress to wear during the wedding dinner. The bridal zone’s staff was so amazed that the dress fits my cousin perfectly. They do not need to make any alteration at all. So I guess cousin has to maintain her body shape and weight till my wedding day.

Pakcik choose a grey and a black suit. He will use the black suit for evening and the grey suit as a spare.

The lady passed me an album of hand bouquet pictures. I managed to find the one that suits my wedding color theme. Initially, I thought the selection will be quite limited, but I was wrong. There were easily 100 types of bouquets to choose from. =)
I guess that saves my trouble and money from sourcing a hand bouquet from other vendor~ (I gave up on having a peony bouquet because it’s not in season during my wedding).
So glad that we chose Bridal Zone! Even cousin said that she will put Bridal Zone as her first choice when she is getting married in the future.

So I guess for now, I have to work harder to shed off those fats and be ready for my final fitting on 11 Jan 2015!
2 more months to the Big Day!!