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Wedding at MBS Review

Before my wedding on last Saturday, I have been searching through the forums and blogs for reviews of wedding at Marina Bay Sands. Unfortunately, most reviews are just 1 sentence e.g. Not bad, good food, had my wedding there and it’s good, etc. So basically I couldn’t get much info from there, except for 1 bride who is willing to share with me her experience in private message.
Therefore, I shall be nice and share my actual day wedding experience at MBS in this post.

First of all, please take into consideration that the followings are based on my personal experience and preferences. Also, there were a total of 6 wedding banquets at level 3 ballrooms (running concurrently), and Michael Bublé’s concert at level 5 on my wedding day, 17 Jan 2015, Saturday. 

1) Preparation (a few days before the wedding)
My MBS coordinator was Jennifer, but after she left, Aih Kim took over from her, which is probably why she is very busy. Despite that, she does reply emails promptly and answers to our queries. To be fair, promptly means within 1-2 days, as she has so many banquets to take care of.
So, Aih Kim called me to finalise the details of the banquet (number of bottles of wine with corkage waivered, time and venue of solemnization, venue of bridal changing room, hotel stay dates, total number of tables for the dinner, technical requirements for playing videos/music during banquet, banquet floor plan etc.). I was reminded to provide her a wedding photo (min. 5mb) to display on screens outside the ballroom, and a copy of the banquet event flow.

2) Actual Day Arrival at MBS Hotel
If you haven’t noticed, the ballroom is at the convention centre beside the casino, while the hotel room is across the road in one of the 3 towers.
Before we set off to the hotel, we were supposed to call MBS to let them know. But due to over excitement, we forgot about it. On our way to the hotel, the MBS staff called me to check on our estimated time of arrival (ETA). Upon arriving at the drop off point outside Tower 1 lobby, the MBS staff (sorry that I forgot your name) greeted us cheerfully and helped me out of the car. They know it’s us because of the bridal car and the informed ETA. Without any delay, the bellboys rushed to unload our barang barang from the bridal and groomsmen’s cars.

Meanwhile, the MBS staff walked us to our hotel room in tower 3. Yep, this means we have been checked in prior to our arrival, and the bridal car will be valet parked. They made us feel like VIP. =)
So, the staff brought us to our hotel room (Orchid Suite) at level 52. We had the garden view room. After settling us down, she left us to rest in the room. Our wedding package came with a free deluxe room stay for helpers which is located at level 33 in the same tower.
I will write about the hotel room in a separate post.

3) Time for Bride’s makeup
The complimentary champagne and chocolate praline (part of wedding package) were sent to our room. I only had time to drink a cup of nespresso coffee, remove my morning makeup, and a quick shower, then it’s time for me to proceed to the ballroom area for evening makeup.
My makeup artist arrived at 3pm to do makeup and hair do for my mum and mother-in-law, and my turn is at 4+pm. So my mum and I made our way from the hotel to the convention center using the basement 1 linkway. I had changed into my casual clothes so that it’s easier and less awkward for me to walk over. You can choose to take the bridal car over, but I walked to save the trouble and time.

Makeup and gowns changing is done at the bridal changing room beside the banquet ballroom. For me, I was given Angsana room 3E which is as big as my food tasting room. Inside the room, there are tables, chairs, sofa, bottles of water, power points, 2 small mirrors, 1 standing mirror, 2 clothes racks, and drapes to serve as changing area.

My husband stayed in the hotel room to rest until 4pm before calling the bellboy to bring my gowns and shoes from the hotel room to me.

4) Meeting of Banquet Manager & Solemnization
My banquet manager is Dexter. He is so helpful that I have nothing but compliments. He was already there overseeing the banquet tables set up when I went down for my makeup. My bridesmaids, groomsmen, and emcees met him at around 5pm for briefing and rehearsal.

At the same time, my solemnization room was already set up in Angsana room 3F. Since I did not top up to decorate the solemnization room, my reception table flower was brought to the solemnization table by the banquet staff. They automatically returned the flower to the reception table after the ceremony. The lovely assistant (very sorry that I didn’t catch your name either!) even advised me to take a deep breath before marching in the room with my husband.

I did not top up for the audio system, but my guests were able to hear very clearly without the use of microphones. We just have to speak a bit louder.

5) March-in Rehearsal
Dexter coordinated with the A/V technicians (provided by MBS) and the groomsman to play the music and adjusted the lightings. We did both the first and second march-in, wedding cake cutting, and champagne pouring (not real) rehearsal. The assistant helped me with my wedding dress train when I was going up the stage. She is really very helpful and kind.

6) The Banquet
We started the banquet on time at 8pm. Some of our guests couldn’t find parking lots and were late for the dinner.

For the VIP table, I felt that we were well taken care of. Food was nicely portioned and served. The chef had listened to all the comments which we provided during food tasting (I will write about food tasting in separate post).
But some of my guests feedback that the roasted pig skin was not crispy enough, steamed fish and soup were not hot enough. We feedback these to Aih Kim when we settle the final bill and she said that she will investigate. We were a bit puzzled because we have absolutely no issue with the food at our VIP tables and some guests do not have these problems too.
Portion wise, it’s huge. All the guests compliment the generous serving of food. Especially the stir fried scallop with asparagus, the scallops were so big and juicy, and no fishy taste at all. Each guest had about 3-4 pieces of scallops. The steamed fish was very fresh, juicy and tender~ I finished my portion in the changing room. *Greedy Bride*

Overall the service is very good. Except for a few part timers who needed reminder for refilling beverages. Plates were changed timely and food was served promptly. My banquet went so smoothly that we ended at about 10-ish pm. Guests were very happy.

I chose June Florist to do my banquet decor. Previously I was praising them being so flexible about the choice of decor in my blog, but now I have to take back my words.
Here are the stuff that went wrong:

– Flowers were not fresh. When I was doing my march-in rehearsal, I noticed that some flowers had already browned. Like seriously? If only I had my phone with me, I would have taken pictures to prove my words.
– I repeatedly told June Florist that I do not want too many leaves in the aisle flower stands and VIP centerpiece. But, they did as per their usual template. I can only say: Leaves, leaves everywhere~
– Stage Canopy disaster. First I must say that the canopy is pretty and fills up my stage well. BUT, the hanging flower was slanted with the crystals entangled. I noticed the error the moment the I stepped into the ballroom. Seriously? It’s so obvious that anyone who is not blind would have spotted it. They may have many banquet decors to do on that day, but that’s not an excuse for it’s my once in a lifetime wedding.
Also, the stage flowers were fake flowers.
– VIP table. I can only describe it as pathetic. I was assured by Lawrence from June florist over the phone that he will fill up my 20-pax VIP table with flower petals and big candles so that it would not be so empty. But on the actual day, my VIP table only had 1 Mega-top vase and 6 tiny side flowers.

I got my cousin to call June florist to rectify the problems. Guess what? They only came and put a few tealight candles on my VIP table. That’s it.  My pathetic looking VIP table and the slanted hanging flower on stage. I shall post the pictures when I received them from my photographer.

Banquet Manager
As mentioned earlier, my banquet manager is Dexter. I am very lucky to have him managing my banquet. He is so professional and friendly that I would definitely vote him for best service award.
Here’s the stuff he did for us:

– Took good care of the banquet flow
– Pro-actively informed us of the number of bottles of wines opened throughout the banquet
– Pro-actively suggested to open the entrance door slightly for us to watch the morning highlights while we stand by for 2nd march-in
– Pro-actively suggested to do the dry-ice effect for our 2nd march-in as well
– Personally sent the food to our changing room when we have to change for 2nd march-in, and our dessert after the banquet ends
– He adjusted my wedding dress train for me before I march-in. This was really sweet of him.
– Lastly, he got the bellboy to bring our stuff back to the hotel room after the event.

Also, not forgetting the assistant (a Malay lady) who helped and took good care of me during the banquet.

That’s about it for the banquet review. If you need more information, feel free to leave a comment.

I will write about the food tasting and hotel stay in separate posts, so stay tuned!

*Blissfully Married*

The Big Day~

17 Jan 2015 – Our Wedding Day~

Pakcik and I are now officially married and after days of rest, I finally have the time to update my blog. =)

First of all, what are my thoughts for the wedding…
Yes, although it’s a joyous day for us, it was indeed an extremely tiring day. Both Pakcik and I simply collapsed on our hotel bed after the banquet.
Being Chinese, we have several customs to follow in the morning and then rush to the hotel to start preparing for the evening banquet. So basically both of us were “working” since 4.30am on Saturday till the 1.00am the next day. We had tried our best to keep everything as simple as possible. But as usual, there will always be the not-so-related-people try to give extra advice on what we should do as per customs etc. We really appreciate their excitement and participation, but there are only 2 of us and so many things to do within the limited amount of time. We do apologise if we could not obey everyone’s instructions and expectations. Hope you all give us the blessings and remember to give other couples a break on their wedding day in the future.

2) Not to overwhelm myself with too much expectations
Before the wedding day, I had too much to-do items on my list. I pinned so many ideas of the type of photo shoot we must take on the actual day etc.
None was achieved. Simply because we were too excited to remember anything. LOL~

3) You mean we are married??
LOL~ The whole day felt like a dream. Until today, I will still stare at my fourth finger and wonder about the 2 rings’ significance. It was just a signature on the paper and we become husband and wife.

Anyway, this is our activities for that day. Yes, the time is really x 10 tight. So please forgive us if we didn’t spend enough one-to-one time with every guests (we really love to if we could). And for those whom I didn’t get to take photos with, I am really sorry and I am still thinking about it.

4.30am wake up
5.30am make-up
7.00am get ready
7.05am pee
7.30am gate crash
8.40am went for outdoor photo shoot at Chinese Garden
9.50am arrive at groom’s parent’s house
10am tea ceremony
10.40am pee
10.45am change into kua
11.15am back to bride’s parents’ house
11.30am tea ceremony
1pm set off to Marina Bay Sands hotel
2pm checked in to hotel
2.30pm pee and bathe
3pm off to MBS bridal changing room for make-up
5.15pm pee
5.20pm change into gown and get ready for solemnization
6pm solemnization
6.30pm photo-taking with guests
8pm banquet starts
8.50pm pee
8.55pm change into 2nd march-in gown
10.20pm banquet ends, stand at door to thank guests
10.50pm change into casual clothes
11.10pm pack up and bring all wedding items back to hotel with help from bridesmaids, groomsmen and bell boy
11.25pm reached hotel room and crash on sofa
11.50pm bathe and try to remove the make-up and wax on hair
1am collapse on bed

Notice that I put in the time for peeing? Dear all brides-to-be, you really need to plan your pee-time because once you are in your gown, forget about peeing. It is almost impossible!

Moments which are most memorable to me:

1) When Pakcik brought in the bouquet and kneel before me
2) When the Prof. Ho gave us advice on what marriage is about and announced us husband and wife
3) When both of us marched in the ballroom, twice.
4) When I hugged my parents before I leave the house
5) When my beautiful bridesmaids arrived at my house
6) When Hua caught my bouquet
7) Whenever I feel the rings on my finger
8) My relatives who travelled all the way (from hometown, KL etc.) to attend our wedding.

Ok~ I shall share 2 pics of myself in the morning. The rest have to wait for the PG & VG to send them to me.



Reviews of the MBS banquet and hotel stay shall be in a separate post~

Guo Da Li

I have not been blogging for the past few weeks because I was overwhelmed with work and tons of reports to write. December is usually the slack month, but this year, there’s so much work to do. Brides-to-be usually use the last 1 month before the wedding to prepare, take good care of their health and skin. But for me, I am plagued with stress induced weight gain, ever growing dark eye circles, and sinus problem.

Anyway, Pakcik and I still managed to get the necessary things done and we had our Guo Da Li (Betrothal) on Xmas eve. My mum checked the lunar calendar and said that it’s auspicious to Guo Da Li on that day between 9-11am, hence we obeyed.

Guo Da Li

These are the stuff which Pakcik brought over to my house on that day. The items which my mum requested are the simplified version of the traditional Hokkien Guo Da Li (for practical reason).

What she requested:

1) 1 pair of dragon candles and 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light on the actual wedding day)
2) 2 bottles of liquor
3) 12 Oranges
4) 12 cans of pig trotter (to replace the traditional raw pig trotter)
5) 12 boxes of wedding cakes (for distribution to relatives)
6) 2 packets of Bai He (dried Lily bulb – to symbolize 百年好合)
7) 1 pair of dragon and phoenix bangles
8) Pin Jing (Red Packet – the amount usually ends with a 8, e.g. $1888, $2888 etc. )

For the wedding cakes, I chose the swiss rolls from Rich and Good Cake Shop. I told my mum that we are not getting the traditional wedding cake/pastry because of practical reason. We believed that people don’t really like to eat the traditional cake/pastry, so we rather get the stuff that people will appreciate instead of throwing them into the bin after receiving.
Result: Relatives and friends love the swiss rolls and ate all of them immediately.

Pakcik ordered the swiss rolls 2 weeks in advance because we know that the Rich and Good Cake Shop is very popular and the aunties there are very busy. The staff even paste the double happiness stickers on each box (foc) and even gave Pakcik a discount. Pakcik said that the aunties were very friendly when he placed the orders, unlike the online reviews saying that they were rude. I think customers must understand that they are running a small business and they may get too busy to entertain fickle-minded customers or customers who delay their sales process.
P.S. I love the durian and kaya flavor!

dragon phoenix bangle

For the pair of dragon and phoenix bangles, we got it from Harlyn Gems & Jewellery in Jurong Point. They had a promotion which waived the workmanship fees. Hence, Pakcik only paid for the current retail price of 24K gold and 7% GST.

Guo Da Li 1

These are my dowry set (嫁妆/回礼), simplified version. The items are:

1) Prosperity Descendant Pail Set consisting of Baby bath tub, wash basin, potty, mug, and tray (to symbolize fertility)
2) Wedding Ceremony Tea Set
3) Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set
4) A pair of wedding lamps
5) Needle Box Set
6) Auspicious Ruler
7) Lace Red Fan
8) A pair of toothbrush
9) A pair of slippers
10) Bed sheets (I bought 2 because I am kiasu)
11) 2 bottles of Orange Soft drinks

What my mum returned to the groom-to-be from the Betrothal gifts:

1) 1 pair of phoenix candles (to light at groom’s house on wedding day)
2) 2 pairs of oranges
3) 4 cans of pig trotter
4) Red dates
5) 4 cakes
6) Red Packet (Bride’s parents cannot take all the Pin Jing so that they are not seen as greedy or selling their daughter)

After the gift exchange, we have completed the Guo Da Li ceremony.
Most of the wedding items are bought from Big Day Wedding & Gifts in Johor Bahru because the price is much cheaper.

So, 18 more days to the wedding. Am I excited? Am I nervous? Am I stressed?
Like duh!