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Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part II

We were shopping in Central World Bangkok until our stomachs growled. For dinner, we decided to have non-Thai food for a change. Aka restaurant, located at level 7 of Central World, offers yakiniku buffet at only 399+ baht. Attracted by the price, we decided to give it a try.

Yakiniku Buffet Menu

There is a choice of premium and normal menu at a difference of 100+baht. Do note that the price is only for 90 minutes of dining. We didn’t notice the really tiny fine lines until 1 hour into the dinner. Luckily Pakcik spotted it and reminded that we have to leave after 90 minutes or there will be additional charges per 10 minutes thereafter. Imagine we hung around and chit-chat, while the bill kept adding on… LOL~

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 1

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 2

Other than the items with black background, everything else is included in the 399+ baht buffet. Pretty good variety for the price!

Refillable drinks are at 39 baht and water at 20 baht.

Yakiniku Buffet 1

We ordered using the order chit and passed it to the staff. Each portion is pretty small to avoid wastage.

Yakiniku Buffet 2

The korean style chicken was pretty good too.

Yakiniku Buffet 3

The restaurant uses smokeless bbq pit. Most of the smoke is suck into the air vent around the pit. So after 1.5 hours bbq-ing, we did not stink and could still go shopping.

Yakiniku Buffet 4

Yakiniku Buffet 5

The meat is thinly sliced and cooks quickly. The grill has been oiled so the meat won’t stick to it. Actually the marinate for the fish and meat tastes the same but we enjoyed it.

Service was pretty good in the beginning but it became hard to get their attention when the dinner crowd came in.

Overall, for the price we paid, I think this is value for money.
P.S. The green tea ice cream is yummy.

The Corner Place Korean BBQ

Some time ago, I bought a voucher from Groupon for a buffet lunch ($19.90 excluding GST and service charge) at The Corner Place Korean BBQ. It is located on level 4, where the food court is, on the right corner.  I guess that’s how the name comes about? =)

We made reservation a few weeks earlier because restaurants tend to be fully booked when vouchers are sold. The restaurant is very spacious and clean. There is plenty of space for customers to move around to get the food, but be prepared to smell of BBQ after the meal.
We were given a table of 4 seats which was good because we need table space to put all the plates of food.

The buffet includes the usual BBQ meat, seafood, veggies, cooked Korean food, side dishes, drinks, and 1 serving of tofu and pork soup per pax.


The Corner Place Korean BBQ

These are the meat and seafood counters. The dory fish, marinated beef and pork belly were really good.





These are the cooked food and salad counters. The items are replenished frequently and the counters were cleaned immediately when customers spilled sauces over.


Korean food


The Korean spicy chicken were pretty good. But we only eat a few pieces because our main focus was the BBQ meat.



I like the Japchae~ It’s not oily and the vermicelli was still very springy.

Korean BBQ


The marinates tasted good. See how pink and fresh the pork belly was~



The aluminium foil was changed frequently by the staff, making BBQ slightly less carcinogenic. Or rather, I feel that it’s less carcinogenic. LOL~



We asked the staff to serve only 1 portion of the pork and tofu soup due to the limited space in our aging stomach. I really like the mildly spiced soup and wished that I could finished it all. It has the kind of comforting taste for rainy days.

Overall, I think this is a very value for money Korean BBQ in city hall area.

The restaurant has pretty good deals for lunch too. Do check out their facebook page for more information.

Xian De Lai Hot Pot @ JEM

Had dinner with Mum last Wednesday at Xian De Lai in JEM. I made reservation for four, but later realised that it wasn’t necessary since the place was not crowded. We chose the buffet option.

xian de lai

xian de lai 1

So each of us gets a pot like this which boils over solid fuel. There were Mala, Tom yum, Pork, and Duck soup. I had the Mala soup which was the most tasty out of the 4 choices. Mum and Bro were complaining that their tom yum and duck soup were rather bland.

xian de lai 4

We prepared our dipping sauces from the condiment station. There were much choices and I spotted 2 flies drowning in the Thai sauce. OMG… I was glad that my stomach was strong enough for this.

xian de lai 8

I was ordering the food on this order chit and it didn’t take long for me to realise that it doesn’t matter how many portions I indicate on the paper, because, the staff will only serve the standard portion size depending on the number of people. =___=”
So that’s the 3 thin slices of chicken (from the cooked dishes menu) for the 4 of us. I do understand that the restaurant does this to prevent food wastage, but I strongly believe that I am old enough to determine how much I can order and consume. Plus, I fully understood that wastage will be charged at $5/100gm.

xian de lai 5

xian de lai 3

xian de lai 6

xian de lai 9

xian de lai 10

xian de lai 7

It gets extremely tiring to keep ordering food because each time only “kid’s size” portion is served.  See that 5 slices of beef for 4 of us? That few pieces of veggies? ARGH! I have never had a more tiring meal ever!
Some of the food like braised pork belly, spicy chicken, prawn noodles, etc., are good, while the rest are just normal frozen food that need to be thawed at our table.
Overall, we paid around $130+ for 4 people (wet tissues are chargeable), but we were left unsatisfied and worn out. I would rather pay a lot more for the service + fresh food at Hai Di Lao than this.
Enough said.