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MBS Orchid Suite – Food

In previous post, I shared how the Orchid Suite looks like. So in this post, I shall share about the food we had during the stay.
Note: All the food is complimentary as part of the room’s perks.



This is the 500gm wedding cake which was delivered to our room on the next day. Just give them a call and the cake will be sent. This mango cheese is really light and yummy. Love it lots~
Initially we thought that the cake has a chocolate base, but soon we realised it’s just a brown cardboard to hold the cake. LOL~

As mentioned in the previous post, the Orchid Suite comes with access for 2 to The Club (Daily, from 6:30am – 7pm) in Tower 2 on level 55. At The Club, You get to enjoy:
– Complimentary Afternoon Tea
– Complimentary cocktail & canapés from 5pm to 7pm
– Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages
– Complimentary internet, international newspapers and magazines
– Laptops, MacBooks and iPads for use in The Club

I only found out about these on my second day stay and hence we only get to try the cocktail and canapes. Wasted our complimentary afternoon tea! =(

Anyway, we went down to The Club at around 5.30pm.

theclubbanner(Picture from MBS website)

The place is brightly lit with natural light. We were given a seat by the floor-to-ceiling glass window. I did not go around taking pictures because I didn’t want to disturb other guests.


The ambience is great and there’s staff taking care of specific tables.

Once we were seated, the staff presented us the beverage menu. We were only interested in the alcoholic drinks, so the staff recommended Shiraz and Chardonnay to us.


Snacks were given to each table. Non-alcoholic drinks and canapes are self service at the buffet counters.

photo 4

I skipped the bread and went for crackers and cheese. I love the mushroom pate the most because of the intense and rich flavor. The sesame breadstick tastes so good with the mushroom pate.

photo 1

For the canapes, this Kong Bak Pau caught my attention. Look at the braised pork belly so beautifully glazed and sandwiched between the steamed mantou. How can I resist it?

photo 2

photo 3

The other 2 canapes were not bad too. I skipped the tofu canapes because SK doesn’t like tofu.

photo 5

The highly recommended item is the roasted chicken with cream sauce. It’s the best chicken I ever had! The skin is sooooo to-die-for and the meat is sooo tender that you hardly need to chew. Even the breast meat is juicy. I was at the chicken station when I heard a little boy saying “Can I have the whole chicken?”


The greedy husband went to get more canapes after finishing off 3 roasted drumsticks.

If you don’t like savory items, there’s also sweets (e.g. macarons, fruits, tarts etc.) at the buffet counter.
We had 2-3 glasses of wine before heading back to our room with flushed faces.

For breakfast, we tried the buffet spread at the level 1 RISE restaurant on the first morning, and Sky on 57 for the second morning. I didn’t take many pictures for the RISE restaurant. Basically it’s like a normal hotel breakfast buffet with a good variety of cuisines. Also, the restaurant is pretty crowded and noisy during breakfast hours. Here are some pictures to share:




For Sky on 57 at Tower 1, the experience is totally different.


It is less crowded and much quieter compared to the level 1 restaurant. Also, it comes with a beautiful view from level 57. Similar to The Club, you will get special attention from the staff serving your table and empty plates are cleared very promptly or rather almost immediately. Thumbs up for the great service.


This is the menu presented to us on that day. Each of us get to choose 2 items from the menu. The husband and I chose 4 different dishes to try.

Item 1: Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Eggs Benedict 1

Both the husband and I love the eggs benedict lots! The hollandaise sauce is perfectly done; tastes creamy but not jerlat. The English muffin was pan-fried with butter, giving the crispy outer layer with fluffy and moist inner layer.

Eggs benedict

Evidence of eggs perfectly poached~
Yum yum~~~~

Item 2: Tonkotsu Ramen


The broth is good. Usually tonkotsu broth will taste a bit porky, but this doesn’t. The soup is rich in flavor but yet not too oily or heavy. The ramen is very springy and char siew is tender. Both of us finished the whole bowl.

We were a bit worried that the serving might be too big, but it came out just nice for sharing and leaves room for other food.

Item 3: Chef’s Special – Zha Jiang Mian

zha jiang mian

The husband likes this Chinese zha jiang mian. The minced meat and tofu is cooked in sweet and mildly sour sauce. The sauce tastes like a combination of ketchup, chilli sauce and soy sauce. Again, flavorful but not too heavy.

Item 4: French Toast, Wild Berry Compote with Vanilla Whipped Cream

french toast

This doesn’t taste like the typical french toast because it’s so fluffy~~~ And full of egg aroma. Initially I thought it’s vanilla ice cream made with fresh vanilla beans until I noticed that it doesn’t melt. Aiyo.. how can whipped cream taste so light and yummy??!

I was supposed to end off the breakfast with the dessert but, some how it made me greedy for more food. =P


The husband went to the buffet counter to get some cheese and pastry. He loves sweet breakfast while I prefer salty stuff.



Greedy me went to get some fish congee and miscellaneous savory breakfast items.

For Sky on 57, the variety at the buffet counter is quite limited in comparison to RISE restaurant, but we get to taste the more exquisite menu which is only available at Sky on 57. So my recommendation is to try both if in doubt, otherwise, stick to Sky on 57 for a different breakfast feel.

For our wedding package, it comes with a pre/post refreshment in the Bridal Suite. We can choose 2 main courses and 2 non-alcoholic drinks from the in-room dining menu.

(Pardon me for the poor image)
main course menu



Both of us chose the Flame-grilled Wagyu Beef Ribeye (200gm) because we are beef lovers! Having decided what to eat, I call for the in-room service and was informed that the food will be delivered within 40 mins.

I went for a hot bath and when I came out of the bathroom, the tables were already set up and the steak was there waiting for me~~~

Ribeye 2




The steak was nicely done (medium-rare). We love it lots~ The mashed potato was creamily good and I poured some red wine sauce in to add more flavor to it.
We had red wine (leftover from the banquet) in the room to go with the steak. Yummy~




The meal also came with warm bread and butter. The multi-grain bread is pretty good.

We felt like we were having dinner in restaurant. LOL~



For the non-alcoholic drink, we chose Mango Smoothie and Chocolate Milkshake. We felt that the Mango Smoothie is a better choice because it’s not too sweet and very refreshing.

photo 5

After the dinner, we just have to call again for the removal of table service~

In case you wonder what other food is available for in-room dining, here are the menu:

menu 1

menu 2

menu 3

menu 4

menu 5

The hotel also offers late night (after 11pm) in-room dining and breakfast too.

That’s all the food I had during my stay.  I am so going to come back for staycation!

*Blissfully Married*

Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part III

Having read several reviews of Mr. Jones’ Orphanage cafe, we went to try it during this trip. Pakcik is a big fan of cakes and coffee so I knew he would like this place. A pat on my shoulder for the good recommendation~

There are several outlets in Bangkok, and the one we went is at level 3 Siam Center.

Mr. Jones Orphanage

We avoided the crowd by going before lunch time.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 2

We were welcomed by these droolicious cakes upon entering the cafe.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 1

Mr. Jones Orphanage 6

The cafe is train and teddy bear themed. The tables and seats are like those from the olden days train.

Note: The seats are quite compact and non-movable. So people with long legs or are too big sized, they may not be comfortable with the limited space.


Even Pakcik finds the seat small.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 3

Mr. Jones Orphanage 4

Mr. Jones Orphanage 5

See the cute teddy bears hanging all over the cafe~~

Mr. Jones Orphanage Cafe

There are many staff and service is very prompt.


Red Velvet cake

Since it’s near Halloween, my red velvet cake is Halloween themed. The cake is moist and fluff but the icing is too sweet for my liking.

Molten chocolate

This is the must-try item. The warm chocolate lava cake with the vanilla ice cream is so yummy~

hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is very rich. I don’t know why they still serve it with sugar. Any sweeter, I think I will become diabetic. LOL~ kidding…

Pricing wise, it’s slightly cheaper than cafe in sg. Cakes are from 100++ baht and drinks from 70++ baht.

Addicted to the cakes, Pakcik requested for another visit to the cafe before we leave Bangkok.


This time I tried the mocha, and I was given a cute bear coffee art~


Pakcik’s Americano. See the cute reminder on the cup?

carrot cake

The carrot cake is very moist and dense. You can see the generous amount of carrots and fat raisins in the cake.

waffles 1


For those who like crispy waffles, you will enjoy this strawberry waffles with vanilla ice cream. It’s crispy on the surface and fluffy inside. Minus the too-much-cream, this is yummy too~

So do try the cakes from Mr Jones’ Orphanage when you are in Bangkok~

Paris Baguette

Went to Paris Baguette in JEM some time ago with Pakcik. Quite a number of people and blogs have been highly recommending this place for desserts, and so we gave it a try.

tiramisu pastry


Pakcik got this tiramisu pastry thingy. It wasn’t good. The choco powder was too thick and it dries up the entire mouth when we took a bite. Not the usual tiramisu taste. Just powder with dry flaky pastry inside.

strawberry shortcake

The strawberry shortcake was decent. The large and sweet strawberries were a plus point. I think it costs about $8 per piece? Kinda overpriced.

Overall, I don’t find the 2 desserts very fantastic. Maybe I chose the wrong items to try? Anyway, the coffee was from those coffee dispenser, nothing special.I also don’t like the layout of this outlet. Because of the very long food chiller, if some fickle-minded customer stood there, the rest of the customers will be stuck at the entrance.

So don’t think I will “highly recommend” to anyone.