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Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part III

Having read several reviews of Mr. Jones’ Orphanage cafe, we went to try it during this trip. Pakcik is a big fan of cakes and coffee so I knew he would like this place. A pat on my shoulder for the good recommendation~

There are several outlets in Bangkok, and the one we went is at level 3 Siam Center.

Mr. Jones Orphanage

We avoided the crowd by going before lunch time.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 2

We were welcomed by these droolicious cakes upon entering the cafe.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 1

Mr. Jones Orphanage 6

The cafe is train and teddy bear themed. The tables and seats are like those from the olden days train.

Note: The seats are quite compact and non-movable. So people with long legs or are too big sized, they may not be comfortable with the limited space.


Even Pakcik finds the seat small.

Mr. Jones Orphanage 3

Mr. Jones Orphanage 4

Mr. Jones Orphanage 5

See the cute teddy bears hanging all over the cafe~~

Mr. Jones Orphanage Cafe

There are many staff and service is very prompt.


Red Velvet cake

Since it’s near Halloween, my red velvet cake is Halloween themed. The cake is moist and fluff but the icing is too sweet for my liking.

Molten chocolate

This is the must-try item. The warm chocolate lava cake with the vanilla ice cream is so yummy~

hot chocolate

The hot chocolate is very rich. I don’t know why they still serve it with sugar. Any sweeter, I think I will become diabetic. LOL~ kidding…

Pricing wise, it’s slightly cheaper than cafe in sg. Cakes are from 100++ baht and drinks from 70++ baht.

Addicted to the cakes, Pakcik requested for another visit to the cafe before we leave Bangkok.


This time I tried the mocha, and I was given a cute bear coffee art~


Pakcik’s Americano. See the cute reminder on the cup?

carrot cake

The carrot cake is very moist and dense. You can see the generous amount of carrots and fat raisins in the cake.

waffles 1


For those who like crispy waffles, you will enjoy this strawberry waffles with vanilla ice cream. It’s crispy on the surface and fluffy inside. Minus the too-much-cream, this is yummy too~

So do try the cakes from Mr Jones’ Orphanage when you are in Bangkok~

Carrot Cake

I was inspired to bake a carrot cake after eating an awesome one which my boss bought from SICC. It was Pakcik’s birthday, so I took this opportunity to bake him a carrot cake~

Since I am such a noob baker, I was well-prepared to buy a ready-made cake in case mine failed. =P
I followed the recipe from Delia Online. And I guess the toughest was to shred those carrots…


The cake look pretty decent prior frosting. That’s a good sign~ I added the syrup glaze with care, trying my best not to drown the cake.



For the frosting, I made cream cheese frosting because I think it tastes best with carrot cake. As you can see, my frosting skill sux!


Yea~ It made it to Pakcik’s hands. He made a wish and blew the candle. So now’s the time to reveal how the cake looks like on the inside.



Well, it was a success! The cake is very moist, the cinnamon and carrot were awesome match and all of us didn’t get tummy ache after eating~ =)
Although it’s an ugly cake, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it?