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The House of Robert Timms

We were at Suntec for the bridal show a few weeks ago. I happened to see The House of Robert Timms at level 1 and I told Pakcik that we must go there for late lunch later.
So after signing the bridal package, we went straight to Robert Timms.


The first thing I ordered was the Cafe Mocha ($6.50++) and I specifically requested for the lion drawing. =)
It’s Pakcik’s first visit, so he asked me what’s so good about Robert Timms and I replied:”This lion loh~”

House of Robert Timms

That’s me, admiring the lion, and couldn’t bear to stir it.

The Big Bang

Pakcik had The Big Bang ($18.80++). It’s a huge plate of Bratwurst sausage, American sausage, smoked turkey breast, beef patty, bacon, toast, grilled tomato and baked beans. No eggs though.

House of Robert Timms 2

The sausages and beef patty were yummy~ Pakcik love the multi-grain toast a lot. I think the portion size is so generous that even Pakcik almost couldn’t finish everything on the plate.

Beer Battered Fish and Chips


Then came my beer battered fish and chips ($19.80++). There’s a choice of criss cut fries and french fries. I went for the latter because I love big fat fries!
Anyway, as you can see, the fish is so big that you can hardly locate the pile of fries and coleslaw underneath.

House of Robert Timms 1

I am already very fat. But look at the size of the fish compared to my face! Lol~
$19.80 is really very worth it.
Plus, the batter is light and crispy, and keeping the fish so juicy and tender. I had to fight the impulse to grab the fish with my hands and just eat it like a barbarian.
But too bad… Pakcik was around, so I have to maintain lady-like and eat it with fork and knife…

By the way, the menu at Robert Timms is very extensive and you will definitely have a tough time deciding what to eat. But one thing for sure, you must ask for the lion or bear coffee art!

Teahouse The Asian Kitchen

Met up with my bff for dinner some time ago. We went to Teahouse Asian Kitchen at Raffles City. The place was really crowded but luckily we managed to get a small table.

Fried Rice

The fried rice was decent.

Egg Soup

I like the spinach and egg soup.It’s starchy but flavorful.

Herbal duck

The crispy duck with herbal sauce is yummy~ Will definitely get it again next time.

During the dinner, she told me that she got engaged and will be getting married next year! Hooray! I am so happy for her~
We were only 13 when we first know each other, and now we are adults and she is getting married to the man she loves and loves her. =)
The wedding is gonna be so exciting and I have been invited to be one of her bridesmaids.

I asked for the details of the proposal, and it’s so so so romantic~! OMG. If local guys were to hear about it, they are so going to scream “SPOIL MARKET!!”
Come on guys, for the love of your life, you really need to buck up! Not many ladies are into retro “proposal” like “let’s apply for a HDB” or the Dinner+Flower+Ring, or the Make-her-angry followed by surprise proposal, etc. Seriously, it’s the one event which the ladies will remember for life and to brag about. So make it special for her, will ya?

Tiong Bahru Bakery

I went for post lasik review earlier and since I am in town, I decided to head to Tiong Bahru Bakery in Raffles City Shopping Mall.
Since I beat the lunch crowd, I get to choose the seat I like at the darker corner. Was eating alone so I prefer to hide in the corner.


I ordered a latte ($5.80) because of the coffee art. =)
Risked having palpitations but it worth it because the heart is so cute~
No sugar was added because I like my coffee bitter, just like how I enjoy stout. An instagram friend told me that I could retain the drawing till the last sip, but I failed to do so. The design disappeared after the 6th sip. =(

Tuna Focaccia

Deciding between the burgers and focaccia bread, I finally chose this Tuna Focaccia ($8). That was a huge piece of bread about 2 times the size of my 2 hands. Bread was crispy on the bottom and fluffy on top. Generous amount of Mozzarella cheese covered the bread and then topped with tuna and chopped onions. I like it a lot but the serving was too big and I could only finish 3/4 of it.

I felt a bit lonely eating lunch by myself. Next time I shall drag friends along!