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Delivery – Miscellaneous Stuff

Remember I packed a lot of stuff into my hospital luggage? So here’s a review on the items which I used and didn’t not use. 

For Baby:

– 2 set of baby’s tops and pants (Only 1 set was used. Mt Alvernia provided clothing for baby during the 3 days stay, so only 1 set is worn for discharge.)

– 2 mittens and booties (Baby is swaddled all the time, hence only 1 pair is required for discharge)

– 1 hat (Didn’t use it at all)

– 1 swaddle (Used at discharge)

– 4 pcs of newborn diapers (just in case) (Nope. This is no needed. The hospital provided a pack of diapers for each newborn and is more than enough for the 3 days. Extras were given to us on discharge day.)

– 1 pack of baby wipes (just in case) (Not needed as well. Hospital provided a big pack for each newborn)

For myself:

– 1 set of button front PJ (Didn’t use it. Was comfortable with the hospital gown so I wore that for the entire 3 days’ stay)

– 1 jacket (Didn’t use it. I was feeling very warm all the time. Ended up lending the jacket to my mum. Everyone except myself felt cold in the hospital)

– 1 hair brush and hair band (This is needed for mummies with long hair.)

– make-ups (Hell yeah!)

– make-up remover and facial wash (Hell yeah!)

– face moisturiser (yes, if you don’t want your face to be dry)

– 2 breast pads (Nope. Not enough milk to leak for the first 3 days)

– 2 nursing bras (Nope. Ended up bra-less for the entire 3 days stay. The hospital gown is thick enough to not reveal that I was bra-less

– 1 set of clothes for day of discharge (I wore back the clothes which I wore at admission)

– 1 pair of bathroom slippers (Nah… Hospital provided slippers)

– 1 handphone charger (This is more important than anything else!)

– 4 overnight pads (I finished using all the maternity pads provided during the 3 days stay, so it’s good to standby a few. Otherwise a new pack will be charged)

– 5 pcs of maternity pads (You can either bring overnight pads or maternity pads.)

– 1 pack of disposable panties (didn’t use it at all. I used maternity disposable shorts instead.)

– 1 pair of socks (Nah… Feeling too damn warm)

– 1 hair dryer (Yes, used it after washing my hair)

For the Husband:

– 1 jacket (Suggest all hubbies to wear thicker clothing. The delivery ward is really cold for them)

– 1 set of clothes (The Husband was grateful that I packed this for him.)

– 1 toothbrush and toothpaste (Hospital only provides 1 set so this is needed for hubbies who are staying over)

– 1 razer and shaving cream (Required as this is not provided by hospital)

– 1 towel (not required. The hospital provided 2 towels for the single room)
I am sharing the final bill for my 3D2N stay in Mt Alvernia single room (Normal delivery with epidural):

We requested for hearing test ($76) and metabolic test ($128) to be done. So the total amount is $7839.02 (including Medisave) for delivering Baby Chloe~