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I have always like Yoshinoya’s food since 17 years old. The first time I tried it was at the Takashimaya outlet. As I had just started eating beef then, I was totally mesmerised by the beef bowl and MOS burger’s Yakiniku rice burger. Felt like I have wasted 17 years of my life eating just chicken and pork. LOL~

Until now, whenever I am lunching alone, I would go to Yoshinoya for the beef bowl, and it must come with the boiled veggies. Although the standard has dropped, the beef is drier and tougher, I still like the gravy and fluffy rice.
Unlike other fast food restaurants, Yoshinoya tends to be less crowded and I will be able to find a table and enjoy the short Me-time.

McDonald’s Mala Burger

I went to try the new spicy burgers from McDonald’s. It rated the McSpicy burger as level 2 spiciness and so I was curious how the level 3 (Green Curry Chicken Burger) and 4 (Mala Chicken Burger) would taste it. Being a person who loves spicy food, McSpicy is like “McNormal” to me.

McDonalds Mala Burger

See the picture of the Mala Burger on the box? Keep scrolling down and I shall show you how deceiving pictures can be.

McDonalds Mala Burger 1

That’s the description of the the burger. Sounded so exciting. =___=”

McDonalds Mala Burger 2

And here’s the burger. See the heap of veggies falling out of the burger, and the tiny piece of chicken in comparison to the buns.
First of all, the chicken tastes alright. Just a peppery version of Chicken McGrill with little bit of numbing effect to the lips. Portion of chicken is too small, almost like kid’s meal. I mean, isn’t it bad enough that Fillet O Fish is only left with half a slice of cheese, and now McD is shrinking the chicken too? If this goes on, we might as well have McVeggies topped with bits of chicken.

As for the green curry burger, don’t even bother trying. The dry fried chicken fillet with a tiny bit of green curry paste is not worth trying at all.

Kinda disappointed with this new creation. I still think that McD did a better job with the Prosperity burger.

NeNe Chicken

Yesterday my colleagues and I went to Star Vista for lunch. We went to the NeNe Chicken as my colleague was strongly recommending it. She said that the chicken is good and we will definitely like it.

Looking at the menu, I felt a bit lost. Unlike the usual fast food restaurants, I felt that NeNe Chicken needs more photos in the menu. All I saw in the menu were pictures of chicken drumlets in different sauces, but of course that’s not all that NeNe Chicken offers. There are whole chicken, drumlets & wings, bigger pieces of chicken for the 2 piece set meal and other sides. The misleading photos made me think that I am going to get 2 tiny drumlets/wings for my 2 piece set meal. And, they named the fries “Buffalo Sticks” which we didn’t know it means “fries” until we saw another customer ordering it. Hence, I would think that adding a few more pictures can definitely help new customers in making their choices and save ordering time.

Since there were 5 of us, we ordered 3 different flavors of “8 pieces wings & sticks”, 1 “Tenders meal”, a regular “Buffalo Sticks” and 5 cups of soft drinks.

NeNe Chicken

We tried the Bulgogi, Snowing cheese and Freaking hot flavor for the “Wings & Sticks”, which is actually drumlets and mid-wings. It’s a great idea that disposable plastic gloves are provided so we won’t dirty out fingers.
The freaking hot flavor is yummy. It’s savory sweet yet spicy taste makes me crave for more after finishing each drumlet/wing. It’s not exactly “freaking hot” for me for nothing can be more “painful” than the suicide wings from Southwest Tavern, but it did made my lips swell and face red. For those who can’t take very spicy stuff, opt for the “Swicy” flavor which is less spicy. Yes, it’s named “Swicy” and I don’t know why.
The snowing cheese is pretty good because it retains the crispiness of the drumlet/wings and packed with flavor from the cheese powder that coated it. Try dipping it in the “freaking hot” sauce. You will like the combination~
As for the Bulgogi, it great for those who don’t take spicy food. The sweetness of the Bulgogi sauce is very addictive.

The “Tenders Meal” consists of fried boneless chicken chunks (4 flavors to choose from: Black sesame, Green Onion, Snowing cheese and Swicy), pickled radish, regular Buffalo sticks and a regular drink. This is good for people who don’t like bones. We tried the Green onion flavor which is a sweet tasting sauce with wasabi and a pile of freshly shredded green onions. I like this flavor since I am a green onion lover.

Note: There is no picture of the boneless chicken and fries because they came later and SK was lazy to remove her gloves to take pictures. =)

Since NeNe Chicken provides delivery service (delivery charge $3.50), I will definitely order it to my office for lunch next time.