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Week 12 Day 5

23 Oct 2015:

Went back to see Dr Tho today for Thalassemia blood test. Because the routine blood test showed low Hb, MCV and MCHC, so we did this extra test to rule out thalassemia. Also, I gained 0.4kg since last week due to better appetite. 

Post lunch, I took a photo of my growing tummy. I realised that I could no longer suck in my tummy. The lower abdominal is bulging out with the expanded uterus and the upper abdominal is because of the food and gas. I think I will be able to take the priority seat soon… 

Took a pic and here it is:  


Week 12 Day 4

22 Oct 2015:

I started looking online for baby girl names but can’t seem to find a good one. So I asked the cousins for some ideas, which I started regretting pretty soon. 

As usual, the cheeky cousins came out with horrible names:

– John Little 大减价 (this is a childhood joke. My bro once said that he will name his kids “John Little” and “大减价” because it keeps appearing on TV ad.)

– Rose 


-Elephant (contributed by Lele)


-Jayda (which sounds like Yoda or Jedi)

-Rena (sounds like renal to me)

Oh Gosh… Baby girl’s name is so hard and the cousins are obviously not helping. 

For the Chinese name, auntie came out with the ultimate:


I almost die lah! Might as well call 黄太后… 

Haiz… And the naming game continues… 

Week 12 Day 3

It’s a girl! 

I did the Verifi test last Tuesday and after 8 days of wait, the clinic called me today to deliver the results. Low risk for Down syndrome and the gender is female!

So my dream of a baby girl is accurate! And Grandma came to my dream to tell me the news in advance! =)

Now I can start to look at all the girly stuff and clothes for the baby~ 

The Husband also guessed that it’s a girl. But when auntie asked him if he could choose, would he choose a boy or a girl. He said boy. And the reason he gave was the lamest thing I have heard in this era. “Boy can 传宗接代”. OH PLEASE! I seriously wondered if he is born in this century. I seriously don’t see the significance or meaning to carry on the surname. Genes still get passed on, get mixed with another 23 chromosomes, undergo natural selection, slow evolution, etc. So what does the surname matter? Not as if he is the ancient King and has a kingdom to pass down. Lame.

I would be happier if he said things like boys are cuter, he can play sports with him, etc. But I just cannot accept the saying of 传宗接代.

I am so going to tell my baby about this next time. Lol~ Shall see how she roll her eyes next time, if she gets my attitude genes.