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Kampong Chai Chee Restaurant

Went for company’s team building at Kallang Leisure Park today. We had an enjoyable but tiring bowling session and then dinner at Kampong Chai Chee Resaturant.


I ordered the Teh Tarik – Gajah (elephant) size because I thought that the regular cup will be quite small. So when the drink is served, everyone wowed. It’s a huge cup of Teh! Just like the sugar cane drink size. Luckily the Teh Tarik is not too sweet.


My colleague ordered the guava ice blended drink which has a beautiful pink shade.


The chef is Chinese but the zi char food is halal certified. We had the fried chicken in thai sweet chilli sauce. The chicken is tender while the batter is very light and crispy~ It got snatched up pretty quickly.


This Foo Yong Egg is tasty. Scrambled eggs with prawns fried in high heat and lotsa oil tastes the best~ Lets leave the dieting to tomorrow while we feast on the fluffy eggs.


The next dish is black pepper beef cooked with curry leaves, onions and bell peppers. The beef is very tender but I find the sauce too thick and sweet.


The hotplate egg tofu tasted mediocre. Lacking in the wok hei. The plus point is the generous amount of veggies and mushroom added to the dish.


This fried baby sotong is the crowd winner. I took the pic hastily before everyone digged in. Very crispy baby sotong coated in sweet sticky sauce and paired with crunchy cucumber, onions and tomato. Oh so yummy~
As we had ordered too much food, the left over baby sotong got tabaoed back.


The stir fried kang kong in sambal belachan is pretty good too. Some of my colleagues find it spicy, but it’s mild for me. This veggie is well cooked but still retains its crunchy texture and doesn’t have the bitter taste. It’s a good dish to go with white rice.


The mixed veggie is not bad; just lacking in wok hei. There’s fish cake, Chinese cabbage, snap pea, squid, mushroom, baby corn, prawn, carrot, cauliflower, kailan, and straw mushroom. That’s a lot of different ingredients in one dish!


The final dish is a seafood tom yum soup. Nothing fancy. Lacking in sourness and taste.

All of us ate so much tonight. Feeling so bloated and satisfied. Looking forward to the next company activity~

Post Delivery – Day 3

Breast fed baby at midnight and she passed motion and urine after that. Her weight has decreased to 2905gm. It is considered normal for newborn to lose 5-10% of body weight in the first week and then gain back from the second week onwards. 

As soon as the nurse took baby back to the nursery, I went to take a hot shower. The last time I showered was 2am on Monday… Since no elderly is around to nag at me, I had an enjoyable long shower. Finally got rid of the sweat, oil on face, and clean up the wound. I can’t imagine people who stick to the confinement rule of not bathing for the entire month. Gross max! 

Lochia discharge was still very heavy. Had to use new maternity pad every few hours. I didn’t use the disposable panties which I brought to the hospital, instead I use the disposable shorts (tight boxers-look-alike) which Joyce gave to me. It’s the same as the one provided by Mt Alvernia on the day of delivery. I stained the pair on the first day so I had to use new ones which I brought. It keeps the loop maternity pad in place. 

Baby breast fed for an hour at 4.40am. Then Dr Tho came in the morning, 7-ish am, to check on my wound before giving the green light to let me go home. My next review with him will be in a week’s time at his clinic. Stitches still hurts a little and I continued with the painkiller at twice a day. Dr Tho asked me to slowly taper it off. 

Breakfast was served. This time I had French toast with bacon and mushrooms~ Yummy~

I rushed to wash my hair before mum arrives at the hospital. Unfortunately, I was caught red handed… Got nagged again. Since I had natural delivery, I will only be staying in the hospital for 2 nights. Wednesday, 27 May 2016, is my discharge day, and we have to leave by 11am. The Husband packed the luggage and stuff while I breast fed baby. Once we are done, mum and I pushed baby, in her cot, to the nursery while the Husband went to load our stuff in his car and do the discharge paperwork. 

Mum was not allowed into the nursery so she waited outside. The nurse collected a set of baby’s clothes and swaddle from me and went in to change baby into the discharge outfit. My identity tags were verified and made sure that they matched with baby’s. She then went through nursery discharge paperwork with me and showed me how to clean baby’s umbilical cord. I noticed that the clip on her cord had been removed. Next, I was given 20 pieces of alcohol swab for cord cleaning and baby’s health booklet. Baby’s remaining diapers, wet wipes, bath tub and free gifts from the hospital were handled to me. The identity tags on my hand were removed while baby’s were left on her ankles for precaution purposes. 

Baby remained in nursery until the Husband finished the discharge paperwork and payment. The nurse then pushes the baby cot to the lobby with us. She made sure that everything was collected and baby is safe in the car before she left. 

Yeah~ Home sweet home!

This is the hospital bag from Mt Alvernia. It has a cooler bag, changing mat, and a blanket from Tolly Joy.

This is the bag that came with the Mt Alvernia ladies card. 

This is a bag of freebies received at the hospital. 

Welcome home Baby Chloe~

Post Delivery – Day 2

At 4.30am, the nurse brought baby back to my room for breast feeding. I got more practices for the football hold. I used a couple to pillows as support for the baby so that I only need to focus on holding the baby’s head and neck correctly. After feeding, baby was brought back to the nursery again.

Dr.Tho came at 7+am to check on my stitches. He prescribed me painkiller and antacid, 3 times a day. I really need that because the uterus contractions are too achy. Was told that the stitches will heal in 2 weeks time and the uterus will shrink back. Meanwhile I can only feel sore and achy.

For breakfast, I chose porridge from the Tuesday Chinese menu. Mt Alvernia has different menu for each day and you can choose from Chinese, Western, Muslim , Indian menu etc. For mine,  it comes with a bowl of fish porridge, a small jug of Milo, a packet of orange juice and a small bread. 

I remembered having the fish porridge last year when I had my day surgery and it was not bad. But this time, it’s quite tasteless. =(  Regretted porridge after seeing the husband’s omelette. Made up my mind to choose breakfast from the western menu for the next day. 

Since I stayed in the single room, the Husband could stay over with me with a fee of $80.25 per night (includes 3 meals. pillow and blanket are provided during the stay). My first day was spent in the delivery ward but the companion fee is still charged despite no proper meal was consumed. The single room has a spacious attached bathroom, wardrobe, mini fridge, TV, free WIFI, free local calls, in-room safe, dining table, and a sofa which can be used as a bed for the companion.  There are 17 TV channels and one of it is a replay video on breastfeeding and how to take care of newborn. I find this video very informative and helpful for first time mum. 

After breakfast at 8.40am, the nurse brought the baby back for breastfeeding. This time she taught me cradle hold. I find that the Football hold position is more comfy for me. Anyway, both positions required a few pillows as support for my arms and baby. Baby was too sleepy and not keen to feed. 

Look at her nice forehead and sharp chin. I think her mouth is too pointy. Gosh, I have can’t stop staring at her and admiring all her features. Am I going to become one of those obsessed mum on social media???

Auntie and cousins came to visit and they got me a cute baby girl balloon. I got out of bed at 10+am to wash up and put on basic make-up because more visitors are coming. Can’t look too shagged! 

11.35am: Baby is breast fed and this time she sucks well. SZ came to visit me and just nice that baby is left in my room. I could still remember visiting SZ in NUH when she gave birth 8 months ago, and I was only in my first trimester then. Wow, how time flies!

Soon, lunch was served. Took picture of the half eaten meal because I was so hungry then!

I chose fish for lunch from the Tuesday confinement food menu. The meal came with stir fried broccoli, steamed fish, chicken soup, fresh pear, and orange juice. The food tastes great! Cousin Minmin was eyeing at the dishes so I let her try some. She likes it too. I guess hospital food isn’t always bad. Felt so wasted that I didn’t get to eat yesterday because I spent almost all the time in the delivery suite. 

This is the husband’s lunch. He chose chicken chop from the western menu. 

After lunch, I elaborated the story of my delivery to the cousins. And Cousin Minmin was surprised that the delivery suite is a single room. She always had the idea that delivery suite would have several preggies and all screaming in pain together. =__=” Sounds like horror movie to me. 

After lunch, Joyce came with baby Will to visit. Baby Will is almost 1 year old already! I came to visit Joyce in the same hospital last year. Omg, how time flies again! 

4.30pm, 6.30pm, and 7.30pm, baby fed well. She was with us in the room from afternoon till 8+pm. MIL and SIL came to visit too. Since I had to breast feed, most of the visitors (excluding my friends) have officially watched the feeding show FOC and mostly without permission. Thanks. You all just made me feel like the animal in the zoo. Even though you are female and older, it doesn’t mean you are entitled to watch me breast feed. Thanks for intruding my privacy. +1 post natal depression factor. 

And commenting on whether I have milk isn’t an appropriate thing to do as well. +1 post-natal depression factor. 

Dinner was served and this time I chose to have pork.

This time I was served with stir fried veggies, sesame oil pork, winter melon pork rib soup, fresh orange, and green apple juice.

Mum and MIL said that I could not eat the lettuce because it’s too “cooling”, so I had to give it to the Husband. =(   Other than that, food is yummy~ The Husband had western meal again for dinner. Didn’t bother to take a picture of his food because I was already hungry.

Finally all the visitors left by 8.30pm (end of visiting hours) and baby was brought back to the nursery. The Husband and I could finally rest. He went to sleep with 2 blankets while I was feeling very warm. My body was still generating a lot of heat just like pre-natal. Made the tough trip to the toilet to pee and clean up the stitches area with hexodane wound wash. I have never expected toilet trips to be even worse after delivery. After that I could finally lie down and rest. Been sitting on the bed for the entire day already.

And this pretty much sums up day 2 post delivery.