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My Feeble Effort

I was on a diet plan for the past 2 weeks. This was an “agreement” which my colleagues and I had to help each other lose the weight we gained in the past few months. So what we did was to replace our daily oily lunch to oat.

Oat by itself can taste quite terrible. It has that gluey texture which reminds me of mucous. The only way for me to be able to eat it is to add some flavor to it. I mixed 4 soup spoons of instant oat and 1.5 soup spoon of pork floss in sufficient boiling water. This will somewhat taste like plain porridge with pork floss. Although pork floss is no where near the healthy food category, at least in moderate amount, it’s better than fried food.
My colleague is more of a sweet tooth person, so she added condensed milk and strawberries to her instant oat.

So after 2 weeks of lunch replacement, my colleague has lost 3 kg, and I have lost 1kg. The reason why I lost lesser weight was because of the steamboat I had with my bff on one evening. Plus, I went to Melaka over the weekend and I practically feast throughout the day.  I probably have consumed 1 week’s worth of calories in that Melaka trip.

Feeling very guilty (a very common yo-yo effect syndrome), I have promised to continue the oat lunch for 1 more week and start jogging after work.
I need to get back my long lost waistline, get rid of the flabby arms, and fit into my pants! Just 3 kg and I will be back to my normal.

LASIK Surgery

Since I have past the 1 week recovery period, I am now feeling fit to write about the lasik surgery I had on last Thursday. Will be trying to recall as much as possible, but do forgive me if I get some facts or medical terms wrong. After all, I was nervous during the procedure!

Day of LASIK surgery

My appointment was at 9.30am at Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre at Wheelock Place level 5. The friendly staff greeted me warmly (I wasn’t so nervous at that time), and proceed to do the registration stuff. Payment was made and I was given the informed consent form to read and sign. I can’t remember if there was a brief eye test done after that.

Anyway, after the informed consent form was signed, one of the staff came over to usher me to the procedure area. There are lockers for patients to keep their belongings but I left mine with Pakcik who was there to give me moral support and bring me home after the surgery. The staff told me to leave my specs with Pakcik as I wouldn’t be needing them anymore. And that’s when I realized that shit got real…
Time for palpitations to kick in…

I was ushered to a waiting area where I have to change my shoes to the rubber slippers provided. Some eye drops were applied and I was given a small dose of sleeping pill to sedate me but not to knock me out. That was a wise move! It’s better to be sedated than having panic attacks later! I was gowned and my hair was all tucked in the shower cap and taped with micropore tapes. I bet I looked really crappy with those stuff on. =__=”
Dr Lee then came over to check on my eyes before giving the green light to proceed with the cornea cutting.

I chose the IntraLase® Wavefront LASIK using the AMARIS 750S Laser. So my cornea will be cut via Intralase laser (bladeless technique). Here’s the link to a video I found on youtube on how the intralase laser works. Anaesthesia eye drops are applied again to ensure that there wouldn’t be pain during the process. I laid on the movable surgery table and the preparation work started. My right eye was the first to go. The suction ring was placed on my eyeball and the nurse called out “Suction on…” and some numbers etc. I could feel the pressure (not pain) of the suction. It felt as if my eyeball was going to pop out. (Ok, I am exaggerating a bit because I have VERY LOW pain tolerance). And so I could not move my eyeball and of course I did not try to do so too. Dr. Lee repeatedly instruct me not to move my head or neck as the cutting procedure was initiated. All I could see was a ring of light and it slowly blurred out as the cornea was being cut. No pain was felt throughout the process except for the pressure of the suction ring. Once done (approximately 15-20 seconds), the suction was off and the ring was removed from my eyeball. Next, it was the left eye’s turn. From the experience of the right eye, the pressure of the suction ring on the left eyeball felt much milder. This time when the cut was made, my vision was totally blackout. Dr. Lee already pre-warned me so I did not freak out when I couldn’t see anything at all. Once done, the surgery table was moved to the side and I could see blur vision. More eye drops was applied and I had to rest on the surgery table for about 15 minutes. I heard the nurse explained something about the air bubbles created in the cornea but I wasn’t paying much attention. Don’t blame me, for I was sedated at that point of time. =)

Next, I was brought to another room for the laser procedure. The very professional and friendly staff prep me on the surgery table. Dr. Lee then stick my right eye lids to prevent me from blinking, while the left eye was covered. This time round I see the sharp instruments moving around my eye but no pain or pressure was felt. Dr. Lee asked me to look up, down, left and right. I have no idea what he was doing until I watched the video on youtube. LOL~ It was actually to pull back the flap of the cornea.
Next, Dr. Lee instructed me to stay very still and the laser was initiated. I could hear the sound of the laser firing on my eye (green light), and the burnt smell. I recognized that it was the smell of cells being burnt as I used to smell that in the hospital operation room during school attachment. To avoid having panic attacks, I held my breath. I figured that if I don’t smell it, I wouldn’t be so nervous or afraid. The laser was completed in about 15 seconds.
Saline was then applied to flush my eye and the flap was pulled back to original place. I saw Dr. Lee used the white cotton thingy to brush my eyeball. It’s to smooth out the cornea flap, I guess. The same procedure was done on my left eye as well.
Here’s another link I found on youtube on the whole process of intralase cornea cutting and wavefront laser.

I was then brought to the resting area. There are several cubicles with nice arm chair and curtains. I sat there to rest my eyes and drank hot green tea while the staff applied the medication eye drops for me. The view of Orchard road from the cubicle was pretty~ I felt as though I was there for afternoon tea. LOL!
The staff then explained the medications and eye care instructions to me before letting me leave the resting area.

Dr. Lee was guiding me through the entire LASIK procedure and I felt well-informed and assured that I was in good hands. The staff were very professional and efficient in the preparation work. The LASIK experience in Shinagawa was very pleasant and I would like to thank Dr. Lee and his team for giving me the perfect eyesight!

I put on shades and Pakcik drove us home. I fell asleep during the ride until Pakcik woke me up to ask me what I would like for lunch and he would tabao for me. The anaesthesia had worn off and I could feel the sting in both eyes. I whined and asked for Pakcik to buy me egg prata and Panadol Extra (paracetamol).
The lunch was quite pathetic because I was eating in the room with eyes closed (the sting was horrible). Pakcik had kindly cut up the prata for me so I only need to randomly pick up prata with my fork, dipped in curry and sent them to my mouth. Felt like a blind person eating.

After popping 2 tablets of Panadol Extra and a sleeping pill, I practically slept the entire afternoon. The sting was gone in the evening after I took the 3rd tablet of Panadol Extra.
Yep. That’s about it for my LASIK experience. Don’t be scared of having LASIK because it’s not as scary as it looks or you think. And I would definitely recommend Shinagawa to anyone who wishes to do LASIK!

Post Lasik Day 9

I went for my post lasik 1 week review yesterday. The doctor said that I had 6/6 (or 20/20) vision! It’s so cool right? I was worried that I may not be able to get rid of all the degrees as they were rather high (left eye: 550 degrees with 125 astigmatism, right eye: 675 degrees with 50 astigmatism). But now, I am so glad that my eye sight is almost perfect!

The doctor said that I need to get rid of the dry eyes even though it’s a common side effect. Dry eyes is one of the factors that will cause the degrees to resurface. To help keep my eyes moisturized, I was told to use Vidisic Gel 4 times a day, on top of the hourly lubricating eye drops. The medication eye drops will be stopped as of yesterday.
Doctor also told me that I no longer need to wear eye guards when I sleep, free to apply make-up and wash my face normally! Yeah~~!

I am trying my very best to practice proper eye care. Tried to remember to sit properly when using the computer at work, maintain a distance of 30cm when using the phone, avoid reading in the dark and rest my eyes as and when possible. I don’t want to waste my money doing lasik and allow the degrees to come back after a few years.

Now the next milestone is the 1 month post lasik review and the recovery from seeing star burst and halos at night.