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Satisfying My Cravings for Prata!!

I have been craving for prata since Sunday but Pakcik refused to accompany me. My mind was thinking about it for the entire Monday and thankfully I managed to survive the 9 hours of work. So when we reach Bukit Batok, I told Pakcik that I was very hungry and I want to eat prata. I gave him the killer glare before he could object. So, we went to Mufiz located beside Bukit Batok MRT.

Finally, SK got to eat prata!
My friend Jason was telling me about Murtabak earlier and that made me want to have it as well. It’s amazing how people can easily influence my mind when I am hungry.
I was so hungry that I ordered a Chicken Mee Goreng, a Sardine Murtabak, an egg prata and a plain prata for us to share.

My eyes were beaming when the chicken mee goreng ($5.50) was served. The noodles and the huge pieces of fried chicken were really good! Either I was too hungry or the noodles was really yummy, but do try it if you go there.

Pakcik had his 2 prata while I was digging into the mee goreng.

Here comes the sardine murtabak ($5)! Look at how huge it is!
If I am not wrong, someone told me that the murtabak contains 4 prata dough. =)
Unfortunately, the murtabak didn’t taste as expected. It wasn’t crispy on the surface and the sardine was kinda bland. I was quite disappointed. In the end, Pakcik finished 3/4 of it, while I cleaned the plate of mee goreng.

And of course, we had the hot teh tarik to go with the food.
Yummy~ My cravings have been satisfied and I can sleep in peace~


Had my dinner at Ah Mei Cafe. The prata there is quite yummy!

After dinner, I went to Daiso to stock up on the bento making tools and the caramel corn as well. Pakcik was so excited when he saw the new flavors.

Frozen Prata

I had sudden hunger pangs a while ago. My reflex action was to turn to Pakcik, gave him the Puss in Boots eyes, and begged for him to get me feed me.
I told him that there were plenty of frozen prata in his fridge and he could easily make me some in less that 5- 10 mins. Initially, he refused. So I counter-attacked with stating the fact that I woke up so early on May day, cooked him 爱心早餐, so how could he be so heartless…

He KO-ed.

I waited… and waited…
After 25 minutes, he came back with a frown on his face. He complained that it took so long to cook the prata. Feeling confused, I look at the plate he was holding.
Then I understood what happened. I only wanted 1 prata but he cooked 4 prata, which was why it took so long.

Anyway, the prata wasn’t great. He hadn’t pan-fried it long enough to give the crispy outer layer. The prata was quite doughy inside. But I ate it because he had made the effort to cook for me. =)