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Quick Dinner

Salmon Curry Rice

I am so glad that there’s a Korean food place in the new NUH medical centre basement 1 (beside Kent Ridge MRT station). It’s those kind of express Korean food which we normally see in the food court. My colleague and I have been eating the hotplate spicy chicken with rice whenever we go there. This time round, I decided to try the Salmon curry rice. The salmon is not bad but the curry is a bit blend. For the price I pay, I am not going to complain too much. =)
Still prefer the spicy chicken and rice.


Japanese Bento Takeaway



I went to the Isetan supermarket in Westgate to get takeaway bento for lunch on weekend. I was so hungry after my 3 hours spa at Theresa Spa, so every bento in the supermarket looks extremely tempting. Finally I chose the Ebi Bento.

For only $8.80, I get 4 ebi fry, 2 pieces of teriyaki chicken, chicken mayo,  corn salad, 2 slices of tamago with crab stick and a heap of rice~ It’s so worth it! I didn’t even have to wait. All I did was just grab the bento, pay at the counter and it’s ready to eat~ There’s also a pack of katsu sauce for the ebi fry.
Next time I shall try other variety of bento~~

Just Acia

Spicy Chicken Set

I happened to pass by Just Acia at Dhoby Xchange one evening and settled my dinner there. It’s a restaurant selling Asian food, from Chinese to Korean to Japanese, and even pasta.
I had the Spicy Chicken set ($7.50+), which came with rice, kimchi and soup. Portion size is just right, and set meals include soft drinks, hot beverages and ice cream. 
The spicy chicken is not bad, just like the Korean food from food courts. For the price I paid, I am definitely not going to be picky.


I added on a chawanmushi ($1.20+ with purchase of set meal, usual price $2.90+). It’s smooth and pretty good. There’s chicken in it too.

Just Acia Drinks

Ice Cream

After the meal, I went for the hot beverages and ice cream from the dessert and drinks station. Only these are self-serviced.
It’s good that the restaurant does not charge the 10% service charge. This is quite a good place for quick lunch and definitely wallet-friendly for students.