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Paris Baguette

Went to Paris Baguette in JEM some time ago with Pakcik. Quite a number of people and blogs have been highly recommending this place for desserts, and so we gave it a try.

tiramisu pastry


Pakcik got this tiramisu pastry thingy. It wasn’t good. The choco powder was too thick and it dries up the entire mouth when we took a bite. Not the usual tiramisu taste. Just powder with dry flaky pastry inside.

strawberry shortcake

The strawberry shortcake was decent. The large and sweet strawberries were a plus point. I think it costs about $8 per piece? Kinda overpriced.

Overall, I don’t find the 2 desserts very fantastic. Maybe I chose the wrong items to try? Anyway, the coffee was from those coffee dispenser, nothing special.I also don’t like the layout of this outlet. Because of the very long food chiller, if some fickle-minded customer stood there, the rest of the customers will be stuck at the entrance.

So don’t think I will “highly recommend” to anyone.

Delifrance Sandwich

Delifrance sandwich

First time trying the seafood sandwich from Delifrance. Usually I would go for the tuna, chicken or egg mayo.
It tasted like the sweeter version of tuna mayo, with the addition of crab sticks.

The Delifrance in IMM has closed and so we were at the JEM outlet. The croissant is soft and slightly soggy compared to the usual. Plus, I don’t like my croissant compressed. Please handle my sandwich with more care. Thank you~


Pakcik’s is the tuna mayo which I regretted not getting.

Delifrance coffee

I had black coffee to go with the sandwich. It’s quite bitter even after adding 2 sachets of sugar. This is really good in waking me up~

Xian De Lai Hot Pot @ JEM

Had dinner with Mum last Wednesday at Xian De Lai in JEM. I made reservation for four, but later realised that it wasn’t necessary since the place was not crowded. We chose the buffet option.

xian de lai

xian de lai 1

So each of us gets a pot like this which boils over solid fuel. There were Mala, Tom yum, Pork, and Duck soup. I had the Mala soup which was the most tasty out of the 4 choices. Mum and Bro were complaining that their tom yum and duck soup were rather bland.

xian de lai 4

We prepared our dipping sauces from the condiment station. There were much choices and I spotted 2 flies drowning in the Thai sauce. OMG… I was glad that my stomach was strong enough for this.

xian de lai 8

I was ordering the food on this order chit and it didn’t take long for me to realise that it doesn’t matter how many portions I indicate on the paper, because, the staff will only serve the standard portion size depending on the number of people. =___=”
So that’s the 3 thin slices of chicken (from the cooked dishes menu) for the 4 of us. I do understand that the restaurant does this to prevent food wastage, but I strongly believe that I am old enough to determine how much I can order and consume. Plus, I fully understood that wastage will be charged at $5/100gm.

xian de lai 5

xian de lai 3

xian de lai 6

xian de lai 9

xian de lai 10

xian de lai 7

It gets extremely tiring to keep ordering food because each time only “kid’s size” portion is served.  See that 5 slices of beef for 4 of us? That few pieces of veggies? ARGH! I have never had a more tiring meal ever!
Some of the food like braised pork belly, spicy chicken, prawn noodles, etc., are good, while the rest are just normal frozen food that need to be thawed at our table.
Overall, we paid around $130+ for 4 people (wet tissues are chargeable), but we were left unsatisfied and worn out. I would rather pay a lot more for the service + fresh food at Hai Di Lao than this.
Enough said.