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Gurney Drive @ JEM

Penang prawn noodles soup

Pakcik had the prawn noodles soup at Gurney Drive. It’s quite good, especially the soup which is rich and fragrant. Ever since Pakcik had the authentic prawn noodles in Penang, he hasn’t approved of any other versions in Singapore. Although this cannot replace the one in his heart, it good enough for him to finish the whole bowl and feel satisfied.

Penang Laksa

For me, I had the Penang laksa. Verdict: Meh.
The soup lacks body.


Bangkok Jam at JEM

Here’s a late post from last week.
So after the disappointed dim sum breakfast, Mum decided to have Thai food for dinner. We travelled back to JEM after spending almost 800 bucks in Orchard. =___=”
I knew I got the spending genes from Mum.

Anyway, a tip for shoppers in JEM: Eat early.
Yea, it’s true. If you want to have your meals in JEM during the dinner hours, have fun queueing. Even the fast food places are packed to the entrance. And this is why people are nicknaming JEM shopping mall as JAM shopping mall. Yes, human jam all day long.

And so, I brought Mum to Bangkok Jam for dinner. There were only 2-3 tables of customers at 5pm on a Wednesday.

Bangkok Jam 1

Bangkok Jam 2

Bangkok Jam

The restaurant is quite spacious with interesting decorations. The coasters are cute too. Wish I could keep them…
SK collects coasters, so feel free to give them to me!

Browsed through the menu, I noticed that the pricing is somewhat the same as Thai Express.

Thai Iced Milk Tea

I ordered the Thai Iced Milk Tea. It’s one of my favourite drink when I visited Bangkok.

mango salad

We had the spicy Mango Salad. I didn’t really like it because the mangos were soft and the seasoning wasn’t fantastic.

seafood tomyum soup

For the seafood tom yum soup, there is a choice of clear broth or spicy red broth. Mum chose the spicy red broth. Personally, I prefer the clear broth as it is not so oily and no milk is added. But since Mum was treating dinner, it’s her call. The soup was not bad. The prawns and squid were fresh, but the sliced fish tasted a bit fishy.

chicken with basil

The stir fried chicken with basil was my favorite. Although the rice was not as fragrant, the chicken tasted really good. Meat was tender, well seasoned, and the basil was so tasty. It would be better if the egg yolk was runny.

The total bill for this meal was $48+.
I think there are many other places with more authentic and tasty Thai food. If you prefer good food but not so concern about the dining atmosphere, try Nong Khai in Golden Mile. If you like to have it in restaurant, you can check out my first and second visit to A-Roy Thai in Funan IT Mall.