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I have always like Yoshinoya’s food since 17 years old. The first time I tried it was at the Takashimaya outlet. As I had just started eating beef then, I was totally mesmerised by the beef bowl and MOS burger’s Yakiniku rice burger. Felt like I have wasted 17 years of my life eating just chicken and pork. LOL~

Until now, whenever I am lunching alone, I would go to Yoshinoya for the beef bowl, and it must come with the boiled veggies. Although the standard has dropped, the beef is drier and tougher, I still like the gravy and fluffy rice.
Unlike other fast food restaurants, Yoshinoya tends to be less crowded and I will be able to find a table and enjoy the short Me-time.

Brotzeit @ Westgate

Went to Brotzeit some time ago on a Friday. It’s been so long since we had pork knuckles from Brotzeit. So glad that there’s an outlet opened in Westgate so we don’t have to squeeze with the people in town.

pork knuckles

We had the signature pork knuckles. The skin is super crispy but the meat is still juicy and tender. I love the sauerkraut because it’s so appetising and not too sour.


We were kinda greedy so we got a pizza as well. I love this thin crust pizza with generous amount of toppings and cheese. =)


The Brotzeit in Westgate is fully al fresco, so ice cold beer is a must in such a warm Singapore weather~

Paris Baguette

Went to Paris Baguette in JEM some time ago with Pakcik. Quite a number of people and blogs have been highly recommending this place for desserts, and so we gave it a try.

tiramisu pastry


Pakcik got this tiramisu pastry thingy. It wasn’t good. The choco powder was too thick and it dries up the entire mouth when we took a bite. Not the usual tiramisu taste. Just powder with dry flaky pastry inside.

strawberry shortcake

The strawberry shortcake was decent. The large and sweet strawberries were a plus point. I think it costs about $8 per piece? Kinda overpriced.

Overall, I don’t find the 2 desserts very fantastic. Maybe I chose the wrong items to try? Anyway, the coffee was from those coffee dispenser, nothing special.I also don’t like the layout of this outlet. Because of the very long food chiller, if some fickle-minded customer stood there, the rest of the customers will be stuck at the entrance.

So don’t think I will “highly recommend” to anyone.