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Ipoh Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice

I dreamt of chicken rice and I was craving so badly for it after waking up. LOL~
Once, I had a dream whereby I was in a restaurant for a buffet lunch. Then I took so much food to my table and just as I was about to eat them, my bf woke me up. Boy, imagine how angry I was…
Think I am the few who will dream about food. =P

Back to my chicken rice…
Initially I wanted to go Boon Tong Kee at Bukit Timah, but feeling lazy, Pakcik drove us to Jurong Point instead. We went to Malaysia Boleh (Pakcik keeps saying it’s Malaysia Bagus… =___=” ).
Anyway, I went to get the Ipoh chicken drumstick rice without the bean sprout ($4.50).
The chicken is soooooo tenderly smooth~ Love it lots! Plus, the rice is so flavourful and moist. Best part of it, the bones have been removed, so I can just gobble all the meat and rice~ Pakcik kept stealing my rice and I had to protect it with my life…
Yum yum~ I will be back for more!

Poulet @ Jurong Point

Went to Poulet for lunch on Xmas day. Glad that the restaurant was quite empty and we could choose the table with cushion seats. Probably most pple were celebrating Xmas at home so the mall is less crowded.

Being first time to Poulet, I chose the half Poulet Roti ($15.90++).


The tender chicken dipped in white wine mushroom sauce is so delish!! The best thing is the sauce which is rich but not overpowering. It compliments the flavour of the chicken and I have no problem finishing the whole plate.


Pakcik had the Iberico Pork Belly ($15.80++). I would highly recommend this to anyone who hasn’t try it before. The pork belly is so well braised, and it melts in the mouth. Together with the ultra smooth mashed potato, leek confit and mustard, there is so much flavour in one bite.

We had mocha after the meal and it’s pretty good too. I am so going to return to try other items in the menu soon!

Lai Lai Beef Noodles

beef la mian

Haven’t been to Lai Lai Casual Dining for beef noodles for quite some time. I was watching Taiwan variety show and they kept introducing the beef noodles and put me in agony. It’s been almost 1 year since I last visited Taiwan and I miss the Taiwanese food so so so so so much! All the oyster omelette, xiao long bao, braised meat rice, ma la steamboat, bubble tea etc. Argh… I can’t wait for Feb to come and I will be off to Taiwan again!

So for the meantime, I settle my cravings at Lai Lai in Jurong Point. I took the set meal with comes with a bowl of beef noodles, a side dish and a drink.
I like the firm noodles which absorbed the flavor from the beef soup. The tendons are the yummiest.

ebi fry

fried chicken

For the side dish, Pakcik had the salt & pepper fried chicken while I had the fried ebi. I love the ebi because of the crispy panko and juicy prawn. It didn’t have the greasy aftertaste. The fried chicken was pretty good, but I still prefer the ones I had in Taiwan because they are more tender and juicy.

bubble tea

Both of us had the Bubble Milk Tea. A little too sweet but the pearls were very chewy.
Finally satisfied my cravings but I still want to go to Taiwan soon.