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Just Acia

Spicy Chicken Set

I happened to pass by Just Acia at Dhoby Xchange one evening and settled my dinner there. It’s a restaurant selling Asian food, from Chinese to Korean to Japanese, and even pasta.
I had the Spicy Chicken set ($7.50+), which came with rice, kimchi and soup. Portion size is just right, and set meals include soft drinks, hot beverages and ice cream. 
The spicy chicken is not bad, just like the Korean food from food courts. For the price I paid, I am definitely not going to be picky.


I added on a chawanmushi ($1.20+ with purchase of set meal, usual price $2.90+). It’s smooth and pretty good. There’s chicken in it too.

Just Acia Drinks

Ice Cream

After the meal, I went for the hot beverages and ice cream from the dessert and drinks station. Only these are self-serviced.
It’s good that the restaurant does not charge the 10% service charge. This is quite a good place for quick lunch and definitely wallet-friendly for students.

Ayam Penyet Ria

Soft Shell Crab


Was in Orchard with Pakcik and we couldn’t decide on what to eat. I hate to dine in town during dinner time because of the massive crowd and super long queues. We went round Far East Plaza twice and finally settle with Ayam Penyet Ria because there was no queue.

I had the soft shell crab penyet ($8.90) which was pretty good. I am a sucker for crab and soft shell crab is my favourite because I can eat it WHOLE. =)
I wish sri lanka crab can be soft shell too, so that eating chilli crab won’t be a chore~ LOL~
Anyway, my order does not include rice, hence I have to steal some of Pakcik’s. The sambal from this outlet is very spicy. Without rice, I think my lips and throat will burn.

ayam bakar


Pakcik had ayam bakar ($6.90) because he placed the wrong order. Initially he wanted ayam penyet, but as usual, he doesn’t read carefully and ticked the wrong item. It just so happens that I didn’t check the order chit this time.

Seriously, he should be appreciative that he has such a meticulous gf who will checks for his mistakes. Imagine having a bimbo gf, she will only end up making mistakes with him.

The Sushi Bar

I have been seeing + drooling over pictures of the aburi maki from The Sushi Bar in instagram. Finally met up with Hua to go there to try the sushi. Thankfully Hua made reservation, otherwise we would have to join the super long queue outside the tiny shop.

Salmon Sashimi

We started off with salmon sashimi (3 pcs for $4). Gosh, the cuts are so generous! Each slice of salmon is as thick as my pinkie~ The feeling of enjoyment is as good as a kid receiving a 500ml bottle of yakult.
Totally reminds me of the fresh sashimi I had in Keelung, Taiwan.


Next we had the sirloin steak (100g for $14.90). It’s pretty good, but would be better if the steak is more juicy.

Salmon Aburi Roll


Here comes the signature Salmon Aburi Roll ($14.50). This is really yummy! The flamed salmon and mentaiko simply melt in the mouth. Highly recommended for all salmon lovers! PS: for best flavor, eat it while it’s still warm.

Ebi Aburi Roll


Ebi Aburi


My other favorite is the Fried Ebi Aburi Roll ($14.50). The contrast between the crispy Ebi and the soft and smooth salmon and mentaiko makes the maki so delicious~ Best of all, the roll is so ingredients-packed. The amount of rice is just right to compliment the taste and not making me feel stuffed.

Really like the sushi roll here. I hope I can get the next reservation soon!