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Week 35 Day 5

Weighed 64.5kg post breakfast today. Gained another 100gm from yesterday. 

Project “Fatten the baby” continues today. And here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: A cup of Milo and 3 pieces of soda crackers

Lunch: Bento from Wadori, chawanmushi, and a can of sweetened green tea


: 2 mini salted egg yolk croissants from BreadTalk and a pack of sweetened chrysanthemum tea. 

The croissants are super duper oily but tastes sinfully good. =)


: Chicken & veggie soup, seafood parchment pasta and a glass of Pepsi from Pizza Hut. I also stole some fries from the husband’s plate too.

Supper: A serving of Milo ice cream.
I think I have consumed too much calories today. A bit too much oil and sweetened drinks as well. So tomorrow I shall try to have healthier food. 

Pitchstop @ NTU


Went to Pitchstop Cafe in NTU with cousin’s family. It was empty when we reached there. Is it school holiday now? I am too old to know the school calendar now… sigh…

Pitchstop Menu

Pitchstop Menu 2

This is the current menu for reference.

Pitchstop NTU


We placed our orders and the food was then served to us.

Drinks set

For $2 top-up of the main items, we could get a mini soup and a drink. I like the creamy mushroom.

Chicken Dijonnaise


Having seen so many pictures of the chicken dijonnaise in IG, both cousin and I order it as our mains. Love the thin and crispy batter and the juicy chicken cutlet. Yummy~

Fish & Wedges

Uncle had the Fish and wedges. He said the fish is juicy and well seasoned.

Spicy Seafood Marinara

Auntie had the spicy seafood marinara. She added quite a bit of chilli flakes and tabasco sauce so I didn’t get to taste the original flavor.

Overall, the food is not bad and the price is very reasonable. Good for students to hang around and have lunch.

Miam Miam

I have added Miam Miam to my favourite food list after visiting it a few weeks ago. Reasons that I like this place are:
1) Love the decor
2) Friendly staff
3) Yummy food
4) Awesome matcha!

Miam Miam 1

Miam Miam

I like the natural light shining into the place.

Miam Miam Spaghetti

I had the Miam Miam Spaghetti ($15.80). Love it lots! The al dente spaghetti mixed with toasted sesame seeds, yolk lava, spinach, mushroom and sausage. Mmmmm… so yummy~
Minus the tomato and mini eggplant, I would give it a 8/10 score.

Riz Au Curry

Pakcik had the Riz Au Curry ($14.80). Melted cheese in the rich Japanese curry and a soft cooked egg over the fluffy baked rice. That’s so sinfully addictive! Plus, the pot keeps it warm till the last bit of rice.
I swear I would order that in the next visit!


I love the Iced Matcha Latte with Matcha Softee ($8.80) too. The smooth matcha softee melts slowly into the matcha latte, protecting the latte from being diluted by the ice. Yum yum~

I will definitely go back to Miam Miam again soon!