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Week 32 Day 3

Went for regular check-up at gynae’s clinic this morning. Clinic weighing scale showed 63.1kg… Seriously… How come I weigh so much heavier at the clinic??? It’s definitely not the weight of the clothes because I was wearing them when I weigh myself at home. Either one of the scales is inaccurate… At the previous visit I was 62.2kg so gynae said that the weight gain is within the limit so no worries. 

Had the ultrasound scan and baby is doing fine. She is 1.75kg today. Her head has squeezed past the fibroid (measuring at 6.9 cm by 3.9cm) so gynae said that we can aim for natural delivery! Hooray! Keep up the good work, Baby! Also, she is no longer in the horizontal position. Her head is down, spine on my left tummy and limbs on the right. No wonder I always feel her hiccups on the left side of my tummy. 

She has gained 310gm in the past 2 weeks. If she continues to grow at this rate, she will probably be 2.68kg at week 38 and 2.99kg at week 40. That’s a reasonably good weight. Hopes she continues to grow strong and healthy until full term!

One of the mummies in my group chat has lost her baby at week 31. It’s so sad!! She made it so far but ended up with still birth… Her baby was doing fine at week 29’s check up but lost the heartbeat at week 31 so she has to be induced to give birth. She must be devastated. I feel so sad for her… Hopes that she takes good care of herself after the delivery and be strong again to try for another baby. 

Week 30 Day 7

Yeah~~~! Another week is gone! Baby is 1 week less premature tomorrow~!

Weighed 62.3kg this morning. =__=” must be the water retention adding on to the weight gain… My fingers, legs and face look super puffy. I am getting more and more hippo-lookalike. My white shorts (size 36) is getting tighter now. It’s even tighter when I sit down. Sigh… That’s my last pair of shorts which I can still fit. Plus, all my loose tops are becoming tight-fit now… 

Now when I walk, I can feel pressure on my pelvic area. Plus baby likes to kick/punch my bladder. This is not fun because I had to pee 4 times in the middle of the night. Sleeping is also a problem because of the pressure on the tummy, acid reflux, and shortness of breathe. For the past few days I only manage to fall sleep at 4am. I had to keep tossing and turning to find a comfy position. And tossing on bed requires a lot of effort because of the huge tummy. 

Saw this cartoon online and it totally illustrate preggies’ problem! 

Yea.. The Husband slept so well while I suffered from insomnia.   

Had leg cramp (right leg) twice and I thought I was going to lose the leg… I woke the Husband up once to help me stretch the cramped leg. He seemed very shock because he was not fully awake and he must have thought I was going into labor or what.. 

Unlike this pic, I can no longer wear my rings. My fingers are extremely fat and swollen every morning even when I am fully hydrated. The joints aches when the water retention strikes.

Lol! This is so like my baby. Kungfu performance every night. 

 Yep. The Husband is fat. Thick muffin tops and united abs. Now I even have to Meitu Xiuxiu his photos… Lol!

Another thing that I noticed is that baby gets hiccups almost everyday! There will be this rhythmic “kicks” and it sometimes last for more than 5 mins. I wonder how it would look when baby is hiccuping… 

Anyway, I have to start packing my hospital bag/luggage soon. Just in case baby comes out early. *TOUCH WOOD!!!*

Week 30 Day 4

Yesterday I went for the routine check up. I weighed myself before heading to the clinic and the scale showed 61.6kg. That’s slightly lesser than the max weight of 61.8kg for this visit. But! When I was weighed at the clinic, the scale showed 62.2kg! I didn’t eat nor drink before going to the clinic, so where did the 0.6kg came from??? I think the clinic’s scale wants to sabo me…

Anyway, Dr Tho said that it’s CNY period so he will close one eye on the extra weight. He did the ultrasound scan and baby is still lying horizontal in the womb with her head beside my fibroid. The fibroid has been “flattened” by her and it measured 6.85cm in length but 3.5cm in width. So currently the method of delivery is still unknown. 

Dear baby, please turn to the head-down position soon. I really hope to deliver you naturally. 

I told cousins about the baby’s head position and guess what they say? They joked that baby finds the fibroid very comfy, just like a pillow, so she decides to rest her head here. And maybe when I deliver her, she will bring her “pillow” out with her too. =___=”

Cousins… They can be the worse enemies and best friends at the same time… 

Estimated weight of baby is 1.44kg. That’s somewhat in the average range. Head and stomach size looks normal too. =)

No scan picture for this week because baby’s face is facing downwards. *sad*

Last week I had constipation even though I drank so much water everyday. So I ended up with haemorrhoids. *sobz* It hurts and bled real bad… Thankfully it didn’t worsen and is on the route of recovery. This is the problem when I have such heaty body and plus the pregnancy. 

Dr. Tho said that we will KIV the growth scan, so week 32 will be a routine check up as well. 

Nowadays, I look forward to Mondays. Because it will mean that baby has completed another week of growth and 1 week less pre-mature. It’s so common to have premie, so I am worried that baby might come out too early. I also talked to baby frequently, asking her to stay strong and healthy with me until full term.