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Week 38 Day 7

Nope. Baby is still not out yet. Think she is happily camping inside my tummy and enjoying the food I eat. I haven’t weigh myself these 2 days but I was 65.9kg on Friday.

Spoken to my friend and she told me that initial contractions felt like stomachache (the kind which you have to go to the loo). And the interval is about 30 mins. So I have been paying special attention to such feeling. But every time I have such feeling, I really have to poo. =___=” Felt cheated by the stomachache. Anyway, it’s been loose stool since late week 37. I think it’s better than the previous constipation which leaves me with piles. 

Also, I have brown spotting since yesterday. Guess that’s the bloody show which I read about. According to Gynae’s instruction at week 36, there is no need to go to the hospital yet unless there is heavy bleeding or decreased baby movement. I am still waiting anxiously for signs of regular contractions or water bag break. Braxton hicks are soooooo frequent that it seems almost like regular contractions. All these false alarms making me so panicky!  

This waiting game is quite torturous. Every morning I would wake up and wonder if it is “The Day”. Every night I would go to bed and start thinking what if the water bag breaks during sleep. 

2 more days to my check up. Hopefully CTG monitoring will show some contractions… 


Week 38 Day 3

Weighed 66.5kg this morning. Yesterday I was only 65.6kg at the clinic. Must be the water retention again. 

CTG monitoring yesterday showed that baby’s heart beat is fine and still no sign of contraction for me. Baby has grown to 2.9kg and her head got lower as well. My next appointment will be 1 week later since baby isn’t coming out soon.

As baby gets lower, my lower abdomen grew more stretch marks… So that shows that moisturising doesn’t help. Once the skin can’t withstand the stretch, it simply gets damaged. Moisturising maybe only helps in easing the itch from the stretched skin. I feel so heavy whenever I walk. My legs are so huge… Elephant-huge… I have never ever been this fat before and it disgusts me. I can’t do anything for now but only to blame my bad genes of retaining fats. Unlike those fortunate preggies with skinny face and limbs, I look like a hippo. 

My right hip area gets numb when I walked more. I wonder if it’s because of the weight or the loosening of the joints. Hopefully baby can come out soon so that I can see her and also to end the 9 months of misery. 

I miss my high heels, I miss sleeping on my tummy, I miss all the sashimi and alcohol, I miss not having to bump into something just because of the huge tummy, I miss jumping around, I miss not having to pee every hour, I miss not having pelvic pains, I miss a lot of things!!

Although new challenges will come when baby is out, I just want baby to come out soon so that I can stop constantly worrying if she is alright in my tummy. 

Dear Baby, are you ready to come out soon??

Week 38 Day 1

Hooray!! Baby is now officially full term! 1 less worry for us! Good job, Baby!

Weighed 65.2kg this morning. Been having a bit of water retention and so the weight fluctuates quite a bit. My left calf gets a bit crampy when I sleep and I have to pee every 1-2 hours at night. The tummy is super heavy now and I have to waddle like a duck when I walk. I can’t even close my legs when I sit because the tummy and the big thighs are in the way. I wonder how long I will take to lose these pregnancy fats. 

Tomorrow will be my week 38 check up. Shall see how much weight baby has gained and if there is any sign of labor. I hope Dr Tho doesn’t check for dilation because I heard that it hurts like hell.