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Bangkok Shopping Trip – Part II

We were shopping in Central World Bangkok until our stomachs growled. For dinner, we decided to have non-Thai food for a change. Aka restaurant, located at level 7 of Central World, offers yakiniku buffet at only 399+ baht. Attracted by the price, we decided to give it a try.

Yakiniku Buffet Menu

There is a choice of premium and normal menu at a difference of 100+baht. Do note that the price is only for 90 minutes of dining. We didn’t notice the really tiny fine lines until 1 hour into the dinner. Luckily Pakcik spotted it and reminded that we have to leave after 90 minutes or there will be additional charges per 10 minutes thereafter. Imagine we hung around and chit-chat, while the bill kept adding on… LOL~

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 1

Yakiniku Buffet Menu 2

Other than the items with black background, everything else is included in the 399+ baht buffet. Pretty good variety for the price!

Refillable drinks are at 39 baht and water at 20 baht.

Yakiniku Buffet 1

We ordered using the order chit and passed it to the staff. Each portion is pretty small to avoid wastage.

Yakiniku Buffet 2

The korean style chicken was pretty good too.

Yakiniku Buffet 3

The restaurant uses smokeless bbq pit. Most of the smoke is suck into the air vent around the pit. So after 1.5 hours bbq-ing, we did not stink and could still go shopping.

Yakiniku Buffet 4

Yakiniku Buffet 5

The meat is thinly sliced and cooks quickly. The grill has been oiled so the meat won’t stick to it. Actually the marinate for the fish and meat tastes the same but we enjoyed it.

Service was pretty good in the beginning but it became hard to get their attention when the dinner crowd came in.

Overall, for the price we paid, I think this is value for money.
P.S. The green tea ice cream is yummy.

Japanese Bento Takeaway



I went to the Isetan supermarket in Westgate to get takeaway bento for lunch on weekend. I was so hungry after my 3 hours spa at Theresa Spa, so every bento in the supermarket looks extremely tempting. Finally I chose the Ebi Bento.

For only $8.80, I get 4 ebi fry, 2 pieces of teriyaki chicken, chicken mayo,  corn salad, 2 slices of tamago with crab stick and a heap of rice~ It’s so worth it! I didn’t even have to wait. All I did was just grab the bento, pay at the counter and it’s ready to eat~ There’s also a pack of katsu sauce for the ebi fry.
Next time I shall try other variety of bento~~

Dancing Crab

Celebrated Pakcik’s birthday at Dancing Crab last month. I saw some good review of this restaurant so I decided to bring him there to try. It’s been a while since we had crabs~

We arrived at around 6.30pm and had no issue finding a park lot. I told Pakcik to park his car away from the trees in case another one fell again. LOL~
Made reservation, so we were shown to our seats upon arrival.

Dancing Crab

We ordered the Seafood Combo Bag #1 ($80++), the Crab Cakes ($13++) and beer. Reviews mentioned to try the  Dancing Crab Signature sauce, so we went for the spicy (choose from mild, spicy, extra spicy) sauce.

Crab Cakes

The crab cakes were served first. I love the crispy panko bread crumbs!

Crab Cakes 1

Took one bite to reveal the juicy crab meat inside~ There’s so much crab meat in it! The buttery cream sauce was really good and we kept dipping the cake cakes in it.

Seafood in bag

Soon the staff came with a bag of piping hot seafood. We requested him to pour the seafood into the pot so that the sauce could be contained. Also, it can retain the heat for a longer time. Pouring everything on the table looks fun, but the seafood will turn cold quickly.

Combo Bag 1

Tah Dah~~~ A big pot of saucy yummies!

For combo bag #1, we get a Sri Lankan crab, 300gm fat prawns, 250gm mussels, potatoes, corn and sausages. (Hey wait… there are sausages?? Pakcik must have finished them before I noticed! HRMP!)

Anyway, the seafood is really fresh. Love the juicy crab and fat prawns to the max! The sauce is very appetizing, with a bit of sour (kinda tabasco sauce like), a bit of spiciness and italian herby. Really makes us lick our fingers clean. Pakcik said he like the residual herb smell on our fingers.
Unlike the typical Singapore chilli crab sauce, this doesn’t make us feel jerlat after eating so much of it.

Tak Glam

Here’s a tak glam picture of Pakcik eating the crab. =)

Don’t worry about splashing sauce on your clothes because Dancing Crab provides apron for its customers~ Plus, there’s a hand washing area in the restaurant.
I would recommend this place for a relax seafood meal especially for dinner because there isn’t long traffic jam nor ERP to this place. Plus, parking is free~
I will definitely be back for more~