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Week 27 Day 2

Finally at week 27 and next Monday I will officially be in my third trimester. Weighing at 60.1kg today, I still have 1.3kg left before my week 28 routine check-up. Keep up the good work!

Last night I had the worst acid reflux in this pregnancy. I was playing iphone game on the bed when I suddenly burped and the acid reflux burns up to my throat. Damn!! How I regretted eating the spicy chicken wings from 4fingers… The mixture of spice and acid… It BURNS!!! From the back of my tongue till my chest… It also made me cough non-stop for at least a min or two… Even downing plain water can’t really soothes the pain.. Took me quite a while to get back to normal. Sigh… The slowed GI activity… Now I learnt my lesson: Have dinner earlier and avoid spicy food at night (as much as possible). 

Sleeping on one side of the body gives me backaches… Must be the increasing weight. And my arm will become numb, so I had to switch to the other side in the middle of the night. My body feels hotter everyday, like a furnace. With the 29-32 degrees weather in Singapore, I literally sweat when trying to sleep. So air con is now my Best Friend. I can sleep with the air con blowing directly at me and there is no need to use a blanket. Amazing, isn’t it?  

I think baby is still in the vertical position because my tummy is still pointy and I feel breathless. Her kicks are now like IP Man. She moves so much and with a lot of strength. The Husband is amazed by the very visible tummy movements too. Baby’s favourite time to kick is still around 10pm-1am. 

Got my Cousin to take my bump photo today. Pardon my messy hair.




P.S: I love this fitted jersey dress from H&M. It’s stretchy and comfy~ Bought a few colors to wear when I go out. Small size fits me when I was in the first trimester, and now I am wearing Medium size. 

Week 25 Day 7

The bump is getting heavier everyday. Weight has increased to 59.8kg. The tummy feels crampy and tight for the past 2 days, and I accidentally pulled a butt muscle. There is this sharp pain on my left butt when I stand up. Luckily it only lasted for 1 day. Acid reflux has also worsen a bit especially after a full meal. With the 32 degrees weather, my body feels like an oven, or fire ball to be more accurate. =__=”

I am so missing the cool weather in Taiwan. It was nice to be walking in the street with cold wind blowing. Too bad, my work only requires me to be there for 5 days and now I have to be back to this freaking hot country. The Husband has caught a cold from Taiwan. I don’t know how he got so weak or maybe he was wearing too little. And because he caught a cold, he coughs and sneezes a lot. I am worried that he might pass the virus to me… Been nagging at him to cover his mouth when he coughs.. It’s not fun to be sick when one is pregnant. He needs to understand this. 

We went for the Super Mom seminar at Expo on Saturday. It was pretty beneficial because it covers topics such as labor process and breast feeding tips. A goodie bag was given to us. One of the items is this Palmer’s cocoa butter lotion for stretch marks.  

 I have seen this brand a long time ago in retail shops, and finally tried it today.

The texture is very creamy and thick. It’s easy to apply and moisturises the skin. But, the smell is horrible. Maybe others will like it but I find it smelly. It has this extremely artificial chocolate smell. The type of smell that you get from cheapo chocolate treats. Imagine this artificial chocolate smell plus grease. Ewwww… Maybe it’s my Super sensitive nose, or maybe it’s just my personal preference, but I ain’t gonna touch this lotion ever again. I washed my hands 3 times and the smell is still there. My top is also stained with the smell… Yuck!

I shall stick to my Nivea Q10 firming lotion for now.  

 It’s not greasy and provides sufficient moisture for the growing skin. 

Week 24 Day 2

Updates for last week:

Went for regular check-up at the clinic on Tues. Auntie accompanied me as the Husband couldn’t make it. I followed my plan of not eating breakfast and went straight to the clinic in the morning. The scale showed 59.4kg. Phew!!! I am not over weight this time! Urine dipstick showed no abnormality as well.

Dr Tho was pleased to see the weight. But he saw through my trick and asked if I had postponed my breakfast. Lol… He is smart.. 

He did the usual scan and told me that baby’s head is down. I suspected that prior to the visit because my tummy became pointy from the usual round and broad shape. Also, the kicks were mostly around the belly button and lower abdomen. 

Baby’s estimated weight is 600gm and everything else looks fine. My fibroid is about 5.9cm so no worries for now. Blood pressure is still on the lower side (105/65 mmHg). I also bought the Omron blood pressure machine to regularly monitor my bp. 

After checking that baby is well, Dr Tho suddenly said that he will show me baby’s face. Initially I thought it’s just the usual 2D front view of the face. But, Dr Tho changed the ultrasound probe and with 1 click, the 3D image appeared!! OMG! That’s a big surprise! Usually 3D ultrasound requires a top-up fee but Dr Tho printed that shot for me for free! So awesome!

Here’s the 3D pic to share!

Baby’s nose looks so big! See the high nose bridge and pouty mouth! That is definitely the husband’s nose. I hope she has beautiful big eyes. =)

Auntie was very amazed with all the new technologies. She said that the ultrasound was terrible during her time. Lol… Her era is like 20 years ago… Ancient time… 

Anyway, Dr Tho said that as long as baby moves everyday, the frequency doesn’t matter for now. Also, baby may continue to rotate as there’s still plenty of space in the womb. I got a letter from him for my flight on Sunday. It’s gonna be the last travel till I pop. 

Bump pic for this week: