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The Sushi Bar

I have been seeing + drooling over pictures of the aburi maki from The Sushi Bar in instagram. Finally met up with Hua to go there to try the sushi. Thankfully Hua made reservation, otherwise we would have to join the super long queue outside the tiny shop.

Salmon Sashimi

We started off with salmon sashimi (3 pcs for $4). Gosh, the cuts are so generous! Each slice of salmon is as thick as my pinkie~ The feeling of enjoyment is as good as a kid receiving a 500ml bottle of yakult.
Totally reminds me of the fresh sashimi I had in Keelung, Taiwan.


Next we had the sirloin steak (100g for $14.90). It’s pretty good, but would be better if the steak is more juicy.

Salmon Aburi Roll


Here comes the signature Salmon Aburi Roll ($14.50). This is really yummy! The flamed salmon and mentaiko simply melt in the mouth. Highly recommended for all salmon lovers! PS: for best flavor, eat it while it’s still warm.

Ebi Aburi Roll


Ebi Aburi


My other favorite is the Fried Ebi Aburi Roll ($14.50). The contrast between the crispy Ebi and the soft and smooth salmon and mentaiko makes the maki so delicious~ Best of all, the roll is so ingredients-packed. The amount of rice is just right to compliment the taste and not making me feel stuffed.

Really like the sushi roll here. I hope I can get the next reservation soon!

Meet up @ Ichiban Boshi Vivocity

-Late post-

Two Fridays ago, I was supposed to go for an appointment at The Central at 8pm and so I meet up with Hua for dinner at Vivocity. In the end, I skipped and re-scheduled the appointment so that we could have a non-rush dinner and a good catch-up. =)

We had our dinner at Ichiban Boshi in Vivocity. There was a bit of queue during the dinner peak hours.

ichiban sushi

Feeling so greedy after looking at the menu, I decided to get this set meal.

dory don

The set came with a small bowl of fried dory fish in teriyaki sauce and rice. It tastes pretty good.

beef with mentaiko

The beef slices were so tender after sizzling on the hotplate and the mentaiko was so “creamily” yummy. Other than the heap of potato mayo, which was too coarse, I enjoyed everything on this hotplate.

The chawanmushi was so rich and tasty that Hua ordered one for herself after sampling mine.


The salmon tataki was great too! Love the lightly charred surface and tender fresh meat inside.

salmon skin

lobster salad maki

Hua ordered the fried salmon skin, lobster maki and other stuff. I think our preference for sushi in Ichiban is alike!

We then went to Daiso to shop after the heavy dinner. It’s great to meet up with Hua~ Hopefully we will go to Standing Sushi Bar soon!


Ichiban Sushi Off Peak Menu

I like dining at Ichiban Sushi restaurant during the off peak hours. There aren’t many customers during that period of time, I don’t have to queue for a table, the staff gives full attention, food is served quickly and it offers a off peak menu at only $5++.

ishiyaki don

I like to have the mini Ishiyaki Don which comes with a miso soup and green tea. The thinly sliced tender black pork in sukiyaki sauce tastes great with the fluffy Japanese rice served in hot stone bowl. Sometimes I would leave the rice in the hot stone bowl long enough to get the burnt crispy rice.

tsukune cheese curry don

The Ishiyaki Tsukune Cheese Curry Don is another yummy choice. The thick and savory curry with melted cheese and the 5 juicy chicken meatballs taste perfect with the fluffy rice.
Although it a mini don, it’s still quite filling for me.

fried salmon skin

salmon maki

salmon nigiri

ebiko gunkan

The total bill for the 2 mini don sets and sushi is only around $25. Quite a good deal to have a late lunch or early dinner.