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Ipoh Lou Yau Bean Sprouts Chicken

chicken rice


Pakcik and I were at Vivocity the other day. It was dinner time and every restaurant was packed. We finally found a table at this small eatery at basement 2 of the mall that sells Ipoh Chicken Rice.

Feeling hungry, we ordered half a chicken to share. The meat was really tender but the skin was a bit too fatty. I love the chilli sauce and the minced ginger which made the rice taste so good. The only thing that I don’t like is the bone. It would be better if the chicken is deboned.

curry chicken noodles

Pakcik had the chicken curry kway tiao instead of rice. The curry gravy was watery but flavourful. Kway tiao was extremely smooth.

It was an enjoyable but calories-packed dinner. Oh well, yummy food is always fattening, so shan’t count the calories~


The Queen & Mangosteen

During Vday last month, we went to The Queen & Mangosteen for dinner. A lot of places were fully booked and we didn’t want to pay huge amount for food that doesn’t deserve that pricing, so we decided to go for a normal restaurant without a Vday menu.

The restaurant was full and service was slightly slower than usual. However, the manager was very professional, and went around checking that everyone was taken care of, and apologised for the slow service.

Pimm's Lemonade

Drinks were served while we waited for the food. I had the Pimm’s & lemonade which was 1 for 1 during happy hours ($14++). It was really good and refreshing. Pakcik went for the archipelago beer ($12++).



For starter, we had the fresh mussels in white cream sauce ($18++). Both of us really love the cream sauce. It’s so flavorful, rich, but not jerlat. Tasted so good when dipped with bread and fries. We refused to let the waiter clear the bowl because we wanted to keep the sauce for fries.

Fish & chips

I had the Snapper Fish & Chips ($24++). Actually this picture doesn’t really show the actual size of the fish. The fish was much thicker than it looks here. I couldn’t finish both pieces and had to give one of them to Pakcik. The batter was thin and crispy, and the snapper fillets was so tender and juicy. The chunky fries was best eaten with the cream sauce from the mussels.
Homemade curry tartare was served with the Fish & Chips, but I prefer the cream sauce. =)

Wagyu Burger

Pakcik went for the King’s Burger ($28++). It came with 200gm of Wagyu beef patty, swiss cheese, caramelised onions and veggies. The burger is pretty good except that Pakcik had it medium-well and so the patty was a bit tough. Sigh… Who on earth would eat a medium-well wagyu beef? I find it such a waste.

Anyway, it was nice dining in this restaurant and I will definitely ask for the bay-side table next time.

The Chicken Rice Shop

Last Friday Pakcik and I had late dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop in Vivocity.
We were kinda too greedy and ordered 2 set meals. In the end I could hardly finish the food and felt so bloated after that.







My set meal came with chicken, rice, kueh pie tee, bean sprout, drink and dessert. OMG… That’s so much food for dinner…







Pakcik had the curry chicken noodles set which also comes with kueh pie tee, drink and dessert.

Comparing the chicken I had in the KL, Msia outlet and this outlet, I think the Msia one tastes better. The chicken I had in KL has more flavor and is more tender. As for the rice, both are equally good.
Anway, this high fat, high calories, high sugar content, high salt content meal put me into food coma after that. I guess I better not have this too often, or I may need an angioplasty soon.