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Taiwan Instant Noodles

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Taiwan for vacation. The weather was cooling and I really enjoyed the good food there. Maybe I will blog about it when I have time. There is this awesome beef noodles shop which I will feel guilty if I don’t share.
Anyway, I brought back quite a bit of instant noodles (as usual). Instead of the 满汉大餐 instant beef noodles (which I have gotten sick of eating it), I bought this other brand of instant chicken noodles.



It’s from TTL and I bought only 2 flavors (Hua Diao Wine Chicken and Sesame Oil Chicken) because my 2 luggage were full. Yeah, I bought so much food and shoes that my 29″ and 20″ luggage were full.



What I like about Taiwan instant noodles is that they come with real meat. I really hate those dried veggies, mock meat, or dried meat because they are pretty tasteless.
This instant noodles comes with wet and dry seasoning, and real meat with gravy in a separate vacuum packed pouch.



The noodles tastes good! Almost like home-cooked noodles. Too bad I couldn’t bring more of it back due to luggage space and the short shelf life. It doesn’t contain preservatives so it can’t be kept long.

Lai Lai Beef Noodles

beef la mian

Haven’t been to Lai Lai Casual Dining for beef noodles for quite some time. I was watching Taiwan variety show and they kept introducing the beef noodles and put me in agony. It’s been almost 1 year since I last visited Taiwan and I miss the Taiwanese food so so so so so much! All the oyster omelette, xiao long bao, braised meat rice, ma la steamboat, bubble tea etc. Argh… I can’t wait for Feb to come and I will be off to Taiwan again!

So for the meantime, I settle my cravings at Lai Lai in Jurong Point. I took the set meal with comes with a bowl of beef noodles, a side dish and a drink.
I like the firm noodles which absorbed the flavor from the beef soup. The tendons are the yummiest.

ebi fry

fried chicken

For the side dish, Pakcik had the salt & pepper fried chicken while I had the fried ebi. I love the ebi because of the crispy panko and juicy prawn. It didn’t have the greasy aftertaste. The fried chicken was pretty good, but I still prefer the ones I had in Taiwan because they are more tender and juicy.

bubble tea

Both of us had the Bubble Milk Tea. A little too sweet but the pearls were very chewy.
Finally satisfied my cravings but I still want to go to Taiwan soon.

Oyster Mee Sua for Dinner

It was drizzly in the evening and I was craving for something warm. Then I remembered that Xi Men Jie has oyster mee sua! It would be so comforting to eat the piping hot vermicelli and crispy fried chicken cutlet.



Yummy~ the food from Xi Men Jie never disappoint me~