The Big Day~

17 Jan 2015 – Our Wedding Day~

Pakcik and I are now officially married and after days of rest, I finally have the time to update my blog. =)

First of all, what are my thoughts for the wedding…
Yes, although it’s a joyous day for us, it was indeed an extremely tiring day. Both Pakcik and I simply collapsed on our hotel bed after the banquet.
Being Chinese, we have several customs to follow in the morning and then rush to the hotel to start preparing for the evening banquet. So basically both of us were “working” since 4.30am on Saturday till the 1.00am the next day. We had tried our best to keep everything as simple as possible. But as usual, there will always be the not-so-related-people try to give extra advice on what we should do as per customs etc. We really appreciate their excitement and participation, but there are only 2 of us and so many things to do within the limited amount of time. We do apologise if we could not obey everyone’s instructions and expectations. Hope you all give us the blessings and remember to give other couples a break on their wedding day in the future.

2) Not to overwhelm myself with too much expectations
Before the wedding day, I had too much to-do items on my list. I pinned so many ideas of the type of photo shoot we must take on the actual day etc.
None was achieved. Simply because we were too excited to remember anything. LOL~

3) You mean we are married??
LOL~ The whole day felt like a dream. Until today, I will still stare at my fourth finger and wonder about the 2 rings’ significance. It was just a signature on the paper and we become husband and wife.

Anyway, this is our activities for that day. Yes, the time is really x 10 tight. So please forgive us if we didn’t spend enough one-to-one time with every guests (we really love to if we could). And for those whom I didn’t get to take photos with, I am really sorry and I am still thinking about it.

4.30am wake up
5.30am make-up
7.00am get ready
7.05am pee
7.30am gate crash
8.40am went for outdoor photo shoot at Chinese Garden
9.50am arrive at groom’s parent’s house
10am tea ceremony
10.40am pee
10.45am change into kua
11.15am back to bride’s parents’ house
11.30am tea ceremony
1pm set off to Marina Bay Sands hotel
2pm checked in to hotel
2.30pm pee and bathe
3pm off to MBS bridal changing room for make-up
5.15pm pee
5.20pm change into gown and get ready for solemnization
6pm solemnization
6.30pm photo-taking with guests
8pm banquet starts
8.50pm pee
8.55pm change into 2nd march-in gown
10.20pm banquet ends, stand at door to thank guests
10.50pm change into casual clothes
11.10pm pack up and bring all wedding items back to hotel with help from bridesmaids, groomsmen and bell boy
11.25pm reached hotel room and crash on sofa
11.50pm bathe and try to remove the make-up and wax on hair
1am collapse on bed

Notice that I put in the time for peeing? Dear all brides-to-be, you really need to plan your pee-time because once you are in your gown, forget about peeing. It is almost impossible!

Moments which are most memorable to me:

1) When Pakcik brought in the bouquet and kneel before me
2) When the Prof. Ho gave us advice on what marriage is about and announced us husband and wife
3) When both of us marched in the ballroom, twice.
4) When I hugged my parents before I leave the house
5) When my beautiful bridesmaids arrived at my house
6) When Hua caught my bouquet
7) Whenever I feel the rings on my finger
8) My relatives who travelled all the way (from hometown, KL etc.) to attend our wedding.

Ok~ I shall share 2 pics of myself in the morning. The rest have to wait for the PG & VG to send them to me.



Reviews of the MBS banquet and hotel stay shall be in a separate post~


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  1. wow ,looking very gorgeous

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